Beauty Trends Men Hate

23 11 2011

I get all kinds of ridiculous things that come to my email. I’m not sure if I accidentally subscribed to some of this crap or if by subscribing to one, I got subscribed to like 20, but either way – every morning, I’m usually deleting at least 15-20 emails without even reading them. It’s usually stuff like newsletters from Spiegel or Newport News or the Los Angeles Times asking if I want to change my online free subscription to a paid subscription (even though I don’t live anywhere near LA, but whatever, right?). I also get emails about from places like IVillage and PopSugar, and apparently recently SheFinds.

Well the other day, SheFinds sent me an email with the following title – 10 Beauty Trends Men Hate. Okay, I admit – I was intrigued, so I figured let me see if this would be one of the duh type articles or if it would actually tell me something I didn’t know before reading. Well, ummmm… it turns out it was a bit of both. Some things were pretty obvious, such as men don’t like big feathery (like, actual feathers!) fake lashes. Well, guess what? I don’t know any women who would think that’s cute either.

But there were some things that kind of hurt my heart. Specifically, the idea that men don’t like creative nail polish. Do you know how much I love my little fancy nail polish things now? I say now because since college, I’ve mostly been a nude nail polish type of gal – but lately, I’ve been having fun with them! Heck, I was just telling CCB how the new Sally Hansen nail polish stickers were the greatest invention this year. Also, I tend to dress relatively conservative (unless it’s time to go out and partay of course), so my nails are kind of my way to still be a little bit of a rebel. You know, show that I’m about my business, but damn it – I’m still in my 20s and I like Rihanna too! Lol… But apparently – I’m turning the fellas off with my striped or hot pink nails.

Who knew? Guess I gotta go back to my nudes.

I certainly wouldn’t want my nails to be my downfall lol.

Oh, but there’s more… apparently men hate red lipstick too. Now this would be a shocker to Trey Songz (who likes it so much he made a song about it), as well as a certain person at this year’s homecoming who kept complimenting me on how sexy my red lips were to him. I guess they didn’t get the memo. What I’ve absolutely never heard before was that red lipstick reminded men of their moms (what SheFinds claims); listening to Trey Boogie, you’d think quite the opposite actually.

But that’s neither here nor there, the important point was that once again women and men are looking at specific things completely differently. You know, you always hear about guy sexy vs girl sexy and I tend to think most of that stuff is a farce, but maybe there’s something to it? And could it be that because most women dress according to what we think is cute or sexy, we’re inadvertently turning men off? Really?

What do you all think? And guys – have you ever seen a cute girl with one of these beauty trends and thought to yourself, ah well, that’s a negative on her?

Side Note: It’s the day before Thanksgiving, guys! So please enjoy your day to the fullest. Spend it with your loved ones and be thankful for the small things in life. I’m thankful for all of you who read the blog (and mostly comment to me personally lol, but at least you comment in some way or another haha). Have an awesomely AMAZING day!!!!




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