Tips for My Future Husband – #3

7 11 2011

Laugh at my jokes

I like to laugh. That’s not a groundbreaking revelation, because really who doesn’t like to laugh, right? But I like to laugh a lot. And not the cute giggle or chuckle kind of laugh. Nah, son – I like to belt out my laughter, mouth wide open, teeth completely exposed. It makes me feel good.

Have you ever laughed so hard that you looked around and people were looking at you and wondering what in the world was so funny? Yeah, I like those kinds of laughs.

I like the laughter that lasts so long and is just so good that tears begin to flow, not because you’re crying but because your eyes are laughing too. I like those can’t breathe, sliding on the floor, crawling under your desk type laughs.

Seriously. I like to laugh.

So what does this mean for my future husband? Well, while most people want a guy who can make them laugh (me included), I also want a guy who can laugh with me at my jokes. Now, listen – I’m not saying that I could star on Comicview anytime soon (when it was still funny), but I do crack myself up all.the.time. And I hang out with funny, snarkalicious arse people who in turn bring out the snarkle bunny in me and make me think I’m a regular comedienne.

What kind of marriage would we have if I’m sitting over there laughing about something stupid I said or did and he’s sitting over there straight-faced? Oh no. I need someone to laugh when I do things like fall off the bed when I’m trying to be sexy, cuz trust me – that might just happen. I need someone to laugh with me when I’m laughing so hard that a snort comes out. I need someone rolling on the floor with me when something absolutely ridiculous happens and I make a quick dry one-liner about it.

Now, don’t worry – I’ll give you good material. But whether it’s simply an embarrassing moment or one of my infamous word vomit occasions, or whether I’m desperately trying to remember a joke that someone much funnier than me told me one time, I will need future husband to laugh. And not because he knows I want him to laugh – because he actually thinks I’m funny. That will be one of the true tests. Does he get me? Even when I’m sitting down and just bust out laughing about something that happened hours ago, cuz that might just happen as well.

I can’t have all these things happening while future husband is looking at me like ‘wth is going on with her?’ I want him to join in. And I definitely want his eyes to laugh too.




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