Sometimes I Feel Like Dr. Seuss

5 10 2011

“I like ’em long-haired, thick, redbone…”

Lil Wayne, love him or hate him, has been quite clear about the physical attributes he typically finds attractive in a woman. Are there exceptions? I’m sure – since he also was clear about wanting to BLEEP every girl in the world, not just every “redbone” girl in the world.

But me? I’ve noticed that while I certainly do have a type, physically – the guys I like tend to run the gammet. I can pretty much find benefits to anything you throw at me (other than jacked up teeth… you know I can’t handle jacked up teeth. ) But give me a short guy? Okay. That just means I don’t have to wear 5 inch heels so we can kiss standing up. A really tall guy. I’m cool there too. We can do some thangs with a kitchen counter. I used to be scared of skinny guys because I didn’t think they could successfully pick me up without us falling. And this fear began when I was much smaller than I am now. Now though? I’ve learned the error of my ways. Skinny guys get love too. Big guys? Hey, as long as your boob size isn’t trying to battle mine, I see no problem there either.

Which leads me to my Dr. Seuss feeling. Sometimes I feel like I’m going, 1 fish 2 fish, red fish, blue fish… You can all make your case with me. I guess that’s a good thing, in some ways. My bestie Leelee is always telling me not to put all my ducks in one basket, and being Dr. Seuss 2.0 certainly limits that actually happening.

There’s a really tall guy who’s piqued my interest these days, an average height guy, a bald head guy, and even more as I walk down the street… And it feels great! I’m really trying to take this whole ‘be open to different things’ advice women tend to receive to heart.

But I have to admit that it’s just a little… shall we say, different. It’s fun; don’t get me wrong! It’s even kind of liberating and a bit conservatively naughty. I mean when multiple guys have your interest, you can’t imagine the types of dreams you have. They’re ummm… interesting too! Lol

I’ve mentioned before that it’s been on rare occasions when I’ve done this – being interested in more than one guy at the same time. But I like it. Not saying that it beats finding that one person who gets you, but until then… I think I’m going to enjoy my dating renditions of the Green Eggs and Ham. As long as I’m piquing their interest too, who knows what is to come. I may date them in a boat. I may date them with a goat. I may date them in the rain. I may date them on a train. I may date them here and there. I just may date them ANYWHERE!




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