Yes, THIS is How We Get Ready for Dates

21 09 2011

Note – it’s very likely that I’m breaking major girl code right now. To that, I say, ‘my badness.’

I’m fairly certain that different women have different things they do before going on a date with a guy. Some may dance around the house a little bit, some may take a shot of patron/vodka/a mixed drink to calm their nerves, and some may even say a small prayer for the evening to go off without a hitch. But what I’m also fairly certain about is the fact that if the girl really likes this dude, chances are she’s definitely taking a lot of time trying to perfect her best casually cute fit.

You know that outfit, right? The one that makes men think ‘oh she just pulled this out of her closet, and yet she’s so fly. Yep, she’s effortlessly fly.’ (If men said things like ‘effortlessly fly’ that is…) Riiight, that one. The one that took her 20 outfits and 10 pairs of shoes later to finally get to. The effortless one.

The beautiful thing that has significantly helped many women in this area is technology, though. While we still don’t have Judy Jeston’s closet where one can walk in and walk out perfectly styled in less than a minute (ugh!), we do now have things like camera phones and Skype. And when you mix camera phones/Skype with a girl preparing for a date, chances are you’ll get something like this:

Girl Going on Date (GGD): Hey girl, are you home? I need you to look at these outfits and tell me what you think.

Homegirl 1: okay, I’ll hop on Skype real quick.

GGD: Wooot! *Also starts taking photos to send to homegirl 2 over the phone…*

Okay, what do you think about this one? *Shows off outfit, twirling to show all angles*

HG1: Hmmm that could work, but it may seem a bit too much like you’re trying too hard.

GGD: yea that’s what I was thinking too, but its cute, right?

HG1: yeah, but maybe save that one for the second or third date.

GGD: Got it. Okay, coming with the second one in 5,4,3,2,1…

*shows second outfit*

HG1: hmm, now that one may be a little too cas. You want him to know you like him; you just don’t want him to know you’ve been fantasizing about licking his teeth for weeks now.

GGD: ugh, you’re right…

*3 outfits later and a couple hundred texts from HG2 and finally they’ve come up with something*

GGD: okay, how about this one…

HG1: peeeeeeerfect!

GGD: with the red pumps or the nude flats?

HG1: are you sitting or moving around?

GGD: moving

HG1: flats… Although I love the red shoes… Ehhh, decisions. Go with flats. It’ll be good.

GGD: okay… Thanks honey! You’re the best!

*texts the same thing to HG2, who has been contributing her input through text*

Alright, I’m going to go finish getting ready. I’ll call you as soon as I get back… Pray I don’t throw up on the way to meet him! Eeek!

HG1/HG2: you got it! Have a great time!

GGD closes computer and goes to put on her ‘I don’t have on make-up but I really do have on make-up look,’ and finally leaves her house an hour after initially starting her fashion show with her friends.

So that was a brief sneak peek into what goes on before a girl goes on a date with a guy she really likes. Anything you would add to this scenario, ladies? And guys, do you all do anything to prepare for a first date with a lady you like? Tell the truth now…

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