What to do the Next Time Mother Nature Ruins Your Plans for the Evening…

31 08 2011

Before we get started, I’d like to say that this post is simply in jest and is in no way minimizing the destruction that Hurricane Irene did to the east coast. As a New Orleans native, I can always empathize when mother nature destroys your home/city.

But as someone who had plans for Saturday evening, before Hurricane Irene set her sights on the District of Columbia for that very night, I have to find the funny in the situation… with that said, the whole thing made me start thinking of what alternatives would be available for those wanting to date or hang out with someone on a night when something like a heavy storm is on the way.

What, you think this automatically means you have to cancel? Well, in the case of a hurricane – probably, but what if it’s just a heavy thunderstorm that came out of nowhere. You could still do something then and not seem like the crazy person trying to go party in the midst of a hail storm. Here are some ideas to try and salvage the night.

Make it a night in with your Wii

Now, I don’t have a Wii. But if I did, you could certainly turn that trip to Dave and Buster’s into a Wii night full of fun. Who wouldn’t want to try the Michael Jackson experience with a guy? It might be a good way to find out what dance moves he’s working with, without, you know, doing something potentially awkward like bringing him to the club. Plus, if he doesn’t like MJ, should you really be hanging out with him anyway? I mean, really… some things are just universally accepted as deal breakerish. A guy who can’t appreciate a good Man in the Mirror/Beat it/Smooth Criminal/Thriller performance might just be one of them.

For those who have a Wii, you know that it doesn’t have to just be something involving dance. You could play Wii sports and place a cute little bet on the games (winner gets to decide piece of clothing loser has to umm, lose?? just an idea) to even spice it up a bit, if that’s your cup of tea. Either way, add a Wii to the night and you may just forget that you weren’t able to go out on the town.

Storytime, boys and girls

You like scary stories? I don’t, but many people do. And what other perfect time is there to tell scary stories than when the lights have gone out and all you have is a flashlight or some candles to set the mood. I know what you’re thinking. You can do other things to the candlelight later on, if you choose. Right now, though – we’re finding alternatives to the outing. If you’re like me and don’t like scary stories, this is also a good time to learn more about each other and just tell funny stories from your past. Maybe even act out some of them? You telling me some guy doesn’t want to see me do my best If it Isn’t Love dance impression? Really? Because it’s pretty darn good.

Game Night!

Wait, did someone say they have Twister at their place? Oh snap, bring that joint over! Or what about Jenga? Jenga Truth or Dare? Gestures? Scattergories?? Really, you could make anything work unless it’s cards. Cards with 2 people is a slam dunk failure. Can’t you just picture saying Go Fish over and over and over. Ouch. Talk about bo-ring.

Anyway, what are some other things you guys think would work as alternatives to going out? Or would you brave the weather and just continue on with your plans? They may work as long as the weather’s not too bad, right? Unless you were planning to go go-cart racing. You can’t exactly do that in the rain.




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