OHHHH Snap! (crackle and pop too!)

10 08 2011

In a recent Cosmo issue…

Q: I have read that flexing my PC muscles during sex will improve my orgasm and feel good for my guy too. Can men also do Kegels? And if so, will I be able to feel it when he’s inside me?

A: Yep, it works both ways. Two to three inches of your guy’s penis is actually rooted in his pelvic-floor muscles, so when he contracts them, his erection becomes even stronger… As a result, you get that pleasurable “filled up” sensation, and his harder erection is more likely to hit all your spots… To really take advantage, you’ll want to contract your pelvic muscles around his penis at the same time. You’ll experience the tingly feeling of activating your own Kegels plus the throbbing sensation of his, which means you get double the pleasure.

When I first read this Q and A, I was floored. I mean, as much as Cosmo talks about how women should exercise their Kegel muscles, I’d never read anything about men having those same muscles. It makes sense, of course, but still – I was floored. And intrigued.

How long have they known about this, I wondered. Was this fact common knowledge and I’m the only one who wasn’t aware? Had I been missing out on this potential yummy goodness while everyone else was basking in it? All at once, I felt bamboozled and curious, yet as happy as the lady in the picture above. Do you, dear readers, understand what this now means? At the very least, it means that many men should be adding these exercises to their repertoire and thus building their signature move catalog like women have been told for years to do.

Because, I mean, think of the possibilities….

But even more importantly, the fact that this is now a dual gender activity brings about other questions. What are some other acts that are usually considered to be just for men or women that both should actually be doing? You know how I feel about the carrying of condoms, for one – but there must be more, right?

Should women be trying to seduce more men mentally? I know, you’re probably thinking that we do this anyway. But really, women tend to seduce physically much more often than men do. We walk with a strut in our steps. We lick our lips and occasionally bite the lower one. We make enticing eye-contact and wear clothes that we think they will appreciate, but seduce someone mentally? That’s usually a tactic for men. They set the mood, and not just in a “let me play some Marvin Gaye type of way.” They try to get us wanting them by subtly planting the ideas in our heads to make it seem like it’s our idea in the first place.Wouldn’t it be interesting if women took on this role, as well?

Or what if men began reading about “how to please their woman” as much as women read about “how to please their man?” Heck, in the same issue as this Q and A, Cosmo head a 4 page feature that reported the results of several men rating different chexual positions. Do men’s magazines feature articles such as this? Doubtful.

What do you all think? Am I late on the male Kegel muscle phenomenon or is it like the supposed male G-spot – controversial because many feel as if it doesn’t really exist? And what other things would you like to make sure both genders are trying?




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