“Are You Drunk Right Now?”

22 06 2011

For those who haven’t heard yet, Drake just released or had 2 tracks leaked, presumably from his sophomore album that will be dropping later this year (or possibly next year, since the Young Money track record of dropping records on the initially stated date isn’t all that good right now). Of those tracks, his song entitled, Marvin’s Room, seems to be getting the most internet buzz. Teyana Taylor has already released a female version of the song, and a quick glance on Facebook and Twitter will show the many internet conversations discussing the topic.

Sure, some of them discuss the actual song, the lyrical content, 40’s production, etc… but for the most part, Drake did his best emo-rap job and got folks talking about the whole drunk dialing concept again.

Now, we’ve talked about this on CVS before, but only from my perspective as the former dialer, yet really… these days, I’m much more likely to receive a drunk dial than to do one (and I’m sure many of my girls feel the same way). In fact, on my first listen of the song, I immediately felt like I was experiencing deja vu.

“Are you drunk right now?”

How many times have I asked that exact question? Many. Way too many. So while plenty of my guy friends have been posting the lyrics on their Facebook pages, lauding the way that Drake so eloquently shows his and their vulnerable sides, I’ve been listening to the song remembering the times when I tried to decipher if men like Cosby would a) remember this heartfelt outpouring occurring on my telephone, b) remember it and act like they don’t or c) completely avoid the fact that it happened and thus feel the need to avoid me for at least a couple weeks, in hopes I’ll forget that you said things like ‘I need you right now. Are you down to listen to me?… I’m lucky that you picked up, lucky that you stayed on. I need someone to put this weight on.’

See, the funny part about drunk dialing is that while it’s quite embarrassing for the dialer, it’s equally as uncomfortable for the listener. I once had a guy tell me he loved me for the first time during a drunk dial. What am I supposed to do with that information afterward? I’m not drunk, so I won’t forget it… but c’mon, if you needed to get sauced to say it, chances are your plans to act on it aren’t that great.*

And yet, the drunk dials keep happening. Is it because we’re still answering, ladies? I recently (like sometime late winter/early spring 2011) fell to one of these dials and decided from that point on, I wouldn’t give him (or myself) the excuse of thinking ‘what if something’s wrong and I don’t answer the phone?’ Now, I look at the phone and say to myself, ‘self, if its important, he’ll call tomorrow at a reasonable time’ or he’ll leave a message. Since then, he’s done neither. Problem solved, at least on my end (with him).

But the drunk dials are going to still keep coming… to other women, from other men. Hell, in the past couple years, we’ve had a hit country song that talks about it and now what is sure to be a hit hip hop song. We’re a nation of drunk dialers!

Are you one? Do you still drunk dial or find yourself asking, ‘are you drunk right now?’ Why? And if not, why have you stopped? Don’t act like you never fulfilled one of those categories lol…

*Incidentally, he didn’t do anything but continue to drunk dial me and tell me he loved me for the rest of that summer. Fun times.




2 responses

22 06 2011

OK – so I’m not even done reading the post, but how are you perusing Twitter to see what people are saying about Marvin’s Room?

22 06 2011

I have my ways lololol

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