Tips for My Future Husband – #1

8 06 2011

This past Friday night, CCB and I attended what I am now terming “the loudest concert I’ve ever been to,” and probably a top 5 contender. Yep, that’s right – we went to the NKOTBSB concert (New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys for my uncool friends and readers lol).

The concert was tres awesome. Jordan Knight still hit those high arse notes he was known for back in the day. Joey McIntyre still had the ladies thinking about throwing their panties on the stage. Donnie Wahlberg showed us what a 50 year old man should always look like. Nick Carter was having church on the stage all night. Brian Littrell gave me his same smooth tones. AJ was rocking those same gritty, but in tune notes he was known for… And they were all dancing and strutting across the stage (and in the audience) like it was 20 and 10 years ago, respectively.

More important to the point of this post, however, was the moment when the Backstreet Boys brought audience members onto the stage and sang one of my (and CCB’s) fav BSB/90’s songs of all time – I’ll Never Break Your Heart. We were pure jelly bellies.

And it made me think, how awesome would it be if the future Mr. D-Magic decided to do something of that nature for me? On our wedding day. Ummmm, hello… it would be beyond awesome. But he wouldn’t stop with just singing one song, of course. No, no… I fully expect Mr. D-Magic to be a very creative man. So he’d go all out with it, and that brings us to the here and now. A post about a tip for him, whoever he may be. I’m thinking I’ll probably do a series of these, not consecutively, but definitely consistently. More than once every 6 months, less than 1 a month.

So here’s tip #1.

Plan out and execute a medley of 90’s r&b/pop songs to surprise me with at the wedding reception. He can use his groomsmen to help, as clearly most of these songs will be boy bands in some way. (Yes, Boyz II Men, New Edition, and Shai are boy bands… they’re just black.)

Now before you get all crazy on me, this is by no means a demand. I’m not going bridezilla here. In fact, when I find the man I want to spend the rest of my life with who feels the same way to the point we actually decide to act on it, the last thing I’m going to do is say, ‘uh baby – here’s what I need you to do for me….have you and your groomsmen become a boy band for like 10 minutes.’

I mean, part of the fun of this is that it’s a surprise, right?

BUUUUUT… if he so happens to go back in my archives of this blog one day while he’s trying to decide what he can do on our special day – voila! Here’s a tip, especially for him. (See boo, I’m doing this for you…lol.)

Anyway, back to the tip. Let’s be honest. What woman wouldn’t want her man to bust out with a medley of ‘Baby, I’m yours,’ ‘On Bended Knee,’ ‘If it isn’t Love,’ and even a bit of ‘Let’s get married’ with his boys??? I’m getting excited just thinking about it again. No costume changes needed. Just a few leg slides and creative twirls around the mic stand.

That’s all a girl really needs.

What do you guys think? Ladies, are you as excited as I am about this? If so, what songs would you want sang at your wedding? Fellas, would you do it? For the one…?




3 responses

8 06 2011

I’m assuming your man is going to be able to sing, right? Because the last thing I feel like hearing as a guest at your wedding (and yes, I KNOW I’ll be invited) is 5 guys butchering my fave songs and sangin’ off key. #justsayin

8 06 2011

LOL, I’d be OK with them lip synching.

8 06 2011

Oh – I’d be OK with that too. Highly entertained actually! Yay wedding! No find a husband. Go.

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