What a Girl Wants (Birthday Edition)

11 05 2011

Well, well, well… in less than a week, your girl will be the big 2-8, and in honor of this lovely accomplishment, I feel like a birthday wish list is in order. Since the last wish list was recorded on here about 6 months ago for Christmas, let’s revisit that one first and then move forward with the new one.


– So, the winking has not improved at all. I can finally do the motion of closing one eye while keeping the other open, but it looks mad corny still…. son (lol)

– the snarky email: well, the guy didn’t use it on his blog (thank goodness!), but I also never heard from him again. A draw you say? I guess I’ll take it.

– the cute guy I referenced in that post actually did hang around for a couple months. Sadly, by the end of March, that was pretty much over. He’s still cute though and definitely still makes me laugh, so there’s no hard feelings there. The good news? Another cute guy stepped in for a couple months. The bad news? It’s looking like that will be coming to an end soon as well. Post forthcoming… (tease!)

– not sure that a mandatory dancin’ session occurred, but I still had/have fun with my dancing sessions. AAAAND the First Lady seems to like to get her boogie on too, so it can’t be wrong!

– the food came out wonderfully!

– alas, no one has sang Bruno Mars to me yet… Maybe for the bday? Can we get on this folks?

Anyway, so that’s how that wish list panned out. Some things were achieved – others, utter failure. So let’s do it again, why don’t we?

Here are the things I’d like for my bday (if anyone is so inclined – you’ve got like a week!)


1. These shoes…

and oh, these shoes too… 

I’m actually planning to go shopping for both on my birthday with a gift card I have to Aldo (and hopefully a friend’s 50% off discount), but I could always get there and those shoes are sold out. Can you imagine the horror? Me neither. That’s why I’m asking for the shoes on my wish list. Please. And thanks.

2. A date with Darren Sharper. Too ambitious? Okay, a phone call with Darren Sharper. Still too much? How about a marriage proposal from David Oliver, then? Ha ha, see how I switched it up on ya!

3. My Bruno Mars song. I want this song sang to me. It will be on all subsequent lists until it happens.

4. Lastly, a day of peace… for me, for my family and friends, and for the world. I know that’s ambitious as well, but if New Orleans can be murder free through the past 4 or 5 Mardi Gras holidays, anything is possible.

What about you all? What are some things you’d like for your birthday if you had a little magical genie or the whole blowing the candles thing really worked?




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18 05 2011
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