5 Reasons She’ll Lose Your Phone Number

4 05 2011

In my mind, she's pressing the END button.

Today’s post has been generated by yet another Cosmo article. I know, this happens at least once every 2 months… but what can I say, they entertain me! (Don’t judge.)

Well, this month, they’ve done it again – inspired me to take a crack at their article premise in a different way. Whereas they did an article entitled, “10 Reasons He’ll Lose Your Number,” we’ll be focusing on reasons women become disinterested.

Cosmo asked Paul Walker to enlighten the masses with gems like this:

PLANNING EVERYTHING: “When a girl tries to schedule every detail, it says to me that she has no sense of adventure.”

DRESSING QUESTIONABLY: “I can’t stand furry boots and Apple Bottom jeans. I don’t know why.”

Let’s remix that, shall we.

1: Not tipping or begrudgingly tipping the waiter/waitress
Listen, we all know it’s a recession but if you’re bragging about not leaving a tip for the waiter on the first date, that’s just not cool. And don’t think I can’t tell that you didn’t tip because I’m not looking at the bill – everyone knows what it means when you put a strike through the tip line on the check.

2: Not listening
I was talking to one guy on the phone about what we would do for the first date and explicitly told him that I don’t like to go see movies on a first date because it doesn’t give you a chance to get to know the person. No hints. I said it just like that. Not 5 minutes later, he asks what movie I’d like to see on our first date. I never spoke to him again.

3. Playing too many games
I know dating is all about gamesmanship, but if you’re still waiting 2 to 3 days to call a woman after you get her number and you’re 30 – Houston, we have a problem.

4. Not being creative
There’s nothing wrong with dinner and drinks for a date, but should the first THREE dates be that? I don’t think so, especially not in spring or summertime. There are way too many options (free options!) available. This just screams, ‘I’m not putting any real effort into this.’ I mean, c’mon – impress me 🙂 As Sean of Beverly Hills Fabulous would ask, ‘I’m worth it, right?’

5. Not making me laugh
I love an intellectual man who can stimulate my mind, someone I know could totally kick my arse in Scrabble, and who wouldn’t blink twice at my book collection in my living room… but ermmmm that doesn’t mean anything if you’re a snore. Paul Walker mentioned FORGETTING TO LAUGH as his second deal breaker; well I’m listing not inspiring laughter as my fifth.

Any other reasons you all can think of for why you wouldn’t call him back? And fellas, what are some of your early dating deal breakers?




4 responses

4 05 2011

The fastest way for me to lose your number is for you to hit me up all. the. damn. time. I get it, you’re interested. You want to talk. But if you text me “Busy?” and I don’t respond so you call me five times in the next five minutes then it’s over before it even got started.

4 05 2011

LOL I would agree with that… with a bit of a caveat. To me, it’s not the amount of times you call me. It’s the way it’s done. So say we happen to talk like 3 or 4 times that day, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m dropping you. I don’t want guys to think – “oh, I can only call her once a week, so she doesn’t think I’m pressed or something.” (You know they like to take things and go to extremes lol #generalization.)

I am dropping you, however, if you’ve called me 3 or 4 times and I haven’t reciprocated once, like in your example. Then that means I’m either busy or you’ve run me off. Did someone say The Liberian? :/

5 05 2011

Oh yes – that’s what I meant. You called me 100 times and I haven’t called you back once. If we are going back and forth that means I like you and I want you to talk to me!

5 05 2011


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