The Beauty of In-like

10 03 2011

We’ve talked about crushes. We’ve talked about love. Heck – we’ve even discussed the numerous categories that men can fulfill in your life, but have we actually talked about the act of being in-like on here? Have we?

I don’t think we have… and since apparently, I am (two times over, eeeeek!), I figure now’s as good a time as any. Now, I’m not going to get into specifics, but needless to say – I am enjoying this liking phenomenon. 

So, yes… I. am. in-like. And it’s something that I think we (the generic ‘we’) don’t talk about that often. We don’t give it its due diligence, which is kind of sad when you think about it. I mean, really – so many people are so interested in being in love that they totally miss out on the goodness of being in-like.

Things like:

– the first time you realized that you smile whenever anyone says his name

– the first time you realize you might just be pissing on trees when it comes to other girls liking him too

– that giggly feeling you get when he calls

– that high school girl feeling you get when you see him and he bear hugs you and you stand there smelling his scent for juuuuust a second (I know that’s not just me)

– that awesome sensation the first time you hold hands and he interlocks his fingers with yours

I could name more, but I’ll stop there. All those things are a product of being in-like. They’re more serious than having a crush, but not so serious as the act of being in love. You have a connection with this person – but it hasn’t gotten to the point where you’re having to factor them into your decisions.

It’s a beautiful, very uncomplicated time… if you appreciate it for what it’s worth. If you don’t rush through it, trying to get to some mystical goal and you don’t hurry past those first rushes of companionship; if you let the flashbacks of him moving the hair out of your face not get complicated by thoughts of where is this going… it can be a really beautiful thing.

I’m trying to do that now – see the beauty of being in-like. Won’t you join me. Tell me – what are some things you think can be added to the benefits of being in-like?




2 responses

10 03 2011

I agree, being in-like is a very sweet thing! I currently am in the same position, and I think personally for me, I tend to enjoy the playful-ness of it all. Even a simple text message gets me excited like a high school girl 🙂

10 03 2011

YES!!!!! The playful-ness of it all is just so much FUN!

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