Morning Nook

24 02 2011

Oh Cosmo.

You can be a riot sometimes (like when you suggest that I do things sexually that will get me punched dead in my face). But other times, you’re soooo on point, like when you helped me realize the benefits of developing a signature move. This time, I’m going with the latter.

Let me start by saying that I’ve never understood this idea that men are more geared up for morning fun. Maybe it’s because my first time happened in the morning (was that (TMI? Oh wells…you guys know more personal things than that about me lol) Or maybe it’s because my friends think I’m like a guy sometimes, but I feel like morning nook should be one of those induspitable facts.

You know, like:
– George Washington was the first president of the United States.
– Thomas Jefferson liked him some chocolatey goodness.
– Martin was a bit of a whor-ah.
– All men should actively and frequently eat watermelon… It would make the world a happier place.

In that same list should be:
– Morning nook is absolutely shucking fantastic!

And Cosmo seems to agree with me. In their most recent magazine (the one w Lea Michelle on the cover), they espoused the benefits of some morning goodness – basically that it starts your day on the right foot. But the thing that struck me was the sentence highlighted (by them, not me). “Men often open their eyes raring to go, but we need some encouragement.” The hell WE do!

Who are these women? No, seriously… WHO are they? Because I’ve got to say, if you think a kiss to wake you up will have you walking in the office like the guy on the male enhancement commercials, imagine what a little rssfeed will do for ya. But don’t just trust me, Cosmo says all I need to say – “the act gives you a boost of endorphins that lasts for hours.” Hours… people; and you don’t have to drink that nasty 5 hour energy stuff (clearly won’t be having them advertise on here lol)

So no, the best part of waking is NOT Folgers in your cup… but maybe it should be a little frisky romp in the boudoir. Try it out and let me know what you think. For my girls who’ve already gotten busy before breakfast – what do you think is stopping other women? Is it just that they don’t know?




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