What Happens if We Like Rival Teams?

10 02 2011

In light of the Super Bowl just passing and for many, the part of the NBA season that gets interesting starting up, I’d like to talk about a unique problem for people who like sports. Scratch that, this isn’t for the people that like sports… it’s for the die hard fans who will cut you if you try to talk smack about their teams.

I’m probably pretty close to the latter of those descriptions. Just over the Christmas holiday, in fact, C Murder tried to send me a lil jokey joke BBM about the Miami Heat playing the Lakers. I don’t recall exactly what I said to her, but suffice it to say – she remembered that I don’t joke around when it comes to the Lake Show.

My Facebook quote after the Falcons lost in the Playoffs…

“Dear ATL fans (except Mandy Pants): How does it feel to hold the Lombardi Trophy? OHhhhh, that’s right. You wouldn’t know. Here’s a tip: don’t talk shit until you’ve been where we’ve been. Signed, 2010 Superbowl Champs #NewOrleansSaints

… should tell you how I feel about the Saints as well.

Usually, this is all fun and good times (kinda)… But there are occasions when a guy I’m dating is just as vehemently a fan of my team’s rival team as I am about mine. For those politicos, it’s almost akin to dating a Republican if you work for Moveon.org – you’re going to have some issues. So what do you do?

You could place little cutesy bets on the games, I suppose… But truthfully, had I been dating a Celtics fan as rabid as Bill Simmons when the Lakers won the NBA Championship last year or when they lost to the Celts last week, I’m not sure a cutesy bet would have stopped any venom spewing from our mouths.

Here are a few things I think could work instead… they’re not fool proof, mind you… But what in dating really is.

No personal attacks

Okay, so I went for the gut of Falcon fans when they lost… But it was only in response to the personal attacks on Saints fans by Falcon fans and players (!) alike. But notice, even when I went for the gut, I excluded one of my close friends from the attack. She appreciated the consolation and I’m sure any guy or girl dating you would appreciate the same.

No contact right after the game

Just like players are extremely emotional right after a loss, but go back to a sane mind a couple hours later, die hard fans have the same reaction. I would never call/text/email/BBM/facebook CCB right after a Duke loss to taunt her. That might end our friendship on the spot… So it’s probably best to let the person you’re dating have some space before hitting them up. In fact, even when you do finally hit them up, I wouldn’t bring up the loss until they do… I’m just trying to save relationships here.

Make small compromises

I have a friend who loves University of Florida football. I love LSU football. We always clash when the season starts, but one year for Christmas, I got him some UF paraphernalia. Me! I couldn’t believe I was even touching the crap, let alone buying it, and for him! But I did… and you know what? We still battle over our teams, (especially since his keep losing to mine), but the fact that I got that for him showed that the battles are not personal; they’re strictly business.

Anyway, to all my fellow die hards out there – has this ever happened to you? And if so, how did you make the relationship work?




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10 02 2011

Could you have written this last night when I was being harassed in the bar about the Duke/UNC game? No? That’s OK. We won anyway – suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 02 2011

FYI, I rolled my eyes all the way back at that Falcons quote. BUT….in the interest of our friendship (and in the spirit of this post, I’ll just say this was a good entry.

And continue rolling my eyes lol.

10 02 2011
Quindell Johnson

I think you meant moveon.org, lol…My wife could never be a Falcons fan…I’d give her 51% to walk away, lol…Just kidding, but why are you a Lakers fan, Darby?

10 02 2011

@ CCB – I didn’t even know UNC and Duke were playing last night until I got up this morning and they were talking about it on ESPN2. That’s funny, though lol

@ S_Lyphe – LMAO!… I’m just sayin’

@ Quindell – oops! I fixed it… thanks! and yeah, I’m not sure I could ever marry a Falcons fan either; that might just be a deal breaker lol. As for why I’m a Lakers fan – I just have been since I can remember. I was a huge Magic Johnson fan growing up and stuck with the team through thick and thin (ie before Shaq and Kobe got there and you could buy tix at the gas station lol). If you’re asking why I’m a Lakers fan and not a Hornets fan, my only defense is that the Hornets moved to New Orleans after I moved away. I do cheer for them, though – unless they’re playing the Lakers. Then, I just want Chris Paul to have a good game, but the Lakers to win ha ha

10 08 2012
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