Am I Dreaming???

8 02 2011

“Am I dreaming? Am I just imagining you’re here in my life? Am I dreaming? Pinch me to see if it’s real, cuz my mind can’t decide.” ~ Am I Dreaming by Atlantic Starr

This past Thursday, I began the process of completing #8 on my Eleven in ’11 list: get my dental bridge done. By that, I mean that for 6 hours, I laid there while my family dentist removed my two fake teeth, shaved down four of my real teeth, made  impressions of my mouth, created the temporary bridge for me to wear for the next month, fitted the bridge to my mouth, and more… all while completely and utterly drugged up.

Full disclosure: I’ve never been high before so I don’t know if what I’m about to talk about is normal, but for the purposes of this blog, let’s assume it is.

Anyway, I’ve been kind of dreading Thursday for the past 10 years (part of why it took me so long to finally do it), but after my dentist assured me that the procedure I was getting done would hurt exponentially less than the alternate procedure – getting teeth implants – I calmed down a bit… just enough to get the good ol’ okie doke. Maybe it does hurt less than the other procedure, but dammit, it still hurts, even today.

Had I thought about it, this is something I should have deduced from the fact that I was informed I would have a gas mask on the entire time and my gums would be numbed with Novocaine. I didn’t think about it, though… in fact, I didn’t really think about what affect the gas mask would have on me at all.

And because I didn’t think of it, when she suggested that I bring my Ipod so I could listen to music, I did. And turned on an R&B mix of love songs to sooth me throughout the day. It started off achieving the very result I assumed it would. I laid there, listening to the smooth sounds of J Holiday and Neyo with no problems at all, completely in content.

But then came This is Love by Kelly Rowland. And it just so happened to come on at the height of my high-osity, because the next thing I knew I was dancing in a ballroom to this song with the cutie that makes me smile.  And not just regular dancing, it was almost like the scene from Beauty and the Beast. In fact, halfway through the song, we even turned into the animated versions of ourselves, just dancing and swinging around the ballroom.

Ummm what?!

You can imagine that threw me for a loop, especially since I’m all on this, “I’m not investing into one person, but exploring all my options” kick these days. I don’t recall dreaming of dancing with anyone else while I lay there, however. Darn subconscious ruining my dating high.

Now normally when I have a dream, I like to look up the significance of said dream. For example, I once dreamed that Jake was in a horrible accident and died. Obviously, I needed to research the themes of that one because the last thing I wanted was for that to be some kind of revelation that he would be dying soon. Turns out, it didn’t mean that all (and actually, dreams rarely mean what you literally saw/experienced). It meant that my subconscious was screaming to me that I needed to finally let him go.  We won’t talk about the fact that this didn’t actually successfully occur until some years later… the point was that it was trying to tell me something.

But dancing, ballroom style, as cartoons? With a guy I’m actively NOT trying to fall for? I’m not quite sure if that’s a dream I want to look up. Plus, it may not count as a dream since I was technically awake… right?

What do you guys think? Was I dreaming or just trippin’ from the gas mask or both? And what about your dreams? Do you typically look them up for interpretations or just let them be?




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