I Mean, if You’re Going to Cuddle…

24 01 2011

I’ve been pretty clear on my thoughts about cuddling on this blog; it’s not something that I prefer, mostly because I think it’s about as intimate of an activity as one can do. But just so we’re clear (because I think some people were beginning to think this), I’m not anti-cuddling. I’m anti-cuddling with people who I’m not emotionally attached to. I looooove cuddling when it’s with someone I really like or love… there’s a slight, but important difference there.

Either way, even I recognize that there are times and situations that call for a nice, good cuddle. When that happens, whether you’re doing something simple like watching TV or comforting someone after a long hard day at work or congratulating someone… you need to be versed in the different types of cuddling you can offer. And if you’re reading this and saying to yourself, wait – there’s different types of cuddling??; ummmm… well, just keep reading further.

Here are a few basic styles that are good to have in your repertoire:

The Spoon

This is probably one of the more popular ways to cuddle, and it can be done in different variations. Of course, there’s the typical form, in which the woman and man are curled up in the fetal position, with the man holding the woman from behind; but it can also be done with your legs extended and with the woman behind the man. To me, especially in it’s most typical version, this form of cuddling is very endearing, but can also be quite sexual. I’m sure most men can testify that when laying with their woman, with her backside in prime position, their thoughts are not always the most pure thoughts in the world. Added bonus: you get to play footsie in this position!

The Forward Embrace

This is actually a fan favorite of mine, in both variations. The first version is what you see in the picture above… two people sitting down, with one person’s legs wrapped around the other and they’re embracing each other. You can be fun and spunky in this position, laughing and joking around, but it can also be extremely sensual and passionate since you’re facing each other. You have the added bonus of being able to look into each others’ eyes; something you’re not able to do in the spooning position. The second version is almost like a variation of the spoon: you’re laying down and holding each other, but you’re facing each other. This one is extremely intimate and I would suggest that if you’re going to cuddle with someone you don’t have feelings for, you don’t pick this one to do. Actually, if you’re going to subject yourself to something like that – the spoon is the way to go. Trust me. I’ve been in a position where a guy hijacked a cuddle out of me, and I was so happy it was the spoon, because we weren’t facing each other and it was enough of a barrier so that I couldn’t feel him breathe… leading me to the next version.

The Breath Taker

Have you ever laid your head on a man’s chest and literally, you can feel his breaths becoming your breaths? Yeah – that’s why I call this one the Breath Taker, because in laying in this position, the person who’s laying on the other person’s chest tends to instinctively begin breathing just like the other person. I mean, how personal is that, right? I’ve taken on your breath cadence! You can’t just do that with everybody lol.

The Chair

Last but not least, there’s the chair. I can think of two different ways to be in the chair. The first of which is when you’re sitting between the guy’s legs with your back against his chest as if he’s your chair. In this position, you have the perfect opportunity to feel like you’re being enveloped because he should be able to wrap his arms completely around you. The other way is if you’re laying your head or your legs on his lap, again making him your chair. That position gives way to prime opportunities for rubbing, such as rubbing your hair (I’m a fan of a good hair rub when you’ve had a bad day.) or massaging your legs and feet.

Those are the ones I can think of today. Are there any others that I missed? And do you guys have a particular style that you’re more fond of than others? Share, why don’t you…




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