Dating is Fun, but it won’t bring you soup…

15 11 2010

That’s the first thing I realized this weekend as I’ve been battling the flu and the Dayquil that was trying to take me out as well. (Sidenote: Dayquil isn’t supposed to make you feel dizzy and disoriented, right? Hmm) The second thing was how nice it’d be to have Darren Sharper bringing me some soup… or Cam Newton… or Idris Elba… mmmmm. (Sorry – blame it on the foggy, Dayquil brain.)

Anyway, I like dating.

Dating is fun. You get to know people. You get to laugh and have a good time. You have good nights where you’re catching yourself because you realize you’ve been staring at his lips for the past 2 minutes. You get all that.

But you can’t ask a guy you’ve been on 2 dates with to come bring you some orange juice.

Neither can you ask the cute guy you just met at Homecoming, but who lives in North Carolina. He’s fun to talk to; can’t bring you any Theraflu.

You know what dating does do? It probably makes you think twice about rejecting that 1am text you got over the weekend, only because you’d really like some more Dayquil and can’t go get anymore on your own. If you’re like me though, you’ll wise up enough and remember – oh wait, I’m not that sick!

I am sick of soup though. No more soup. And I realize that’s completely contrary to the title of this post, but let’s be real – I want the man who brings the soup much more than the soup itself. Its just that when you’re dating, you can’t say that to folks. Dating means you can’t ask the cute, sexy guy you may just be enamored with to come over and bring some soup.

Or some orange juice.

Or Dayquil.

Or a cold towel and a lap to lay your head on.

Le sigh. As much as I like dating, I’m thinking it kinda sucks… Just like the flu.




4 responses

16 11 2010

I’ll bring you soup. We aren’t dating, but I’m more fun anyway!

17 11 2010

ha ha thanks boo!

30 11 2010

as i search for some soup right now, AND a victim of the DayQuil is “non-drowsy” haze, I have to comment on this one. I don’t know what to say that you didn’t already though. Other than if you find someone to bring you some soup, ask them if they have a cute sister/cousin/friend in Florida LOL!

1 12 2010

hahaha will do!

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