How Howard’s Homecoming showed me I’m not 21 anymore (and neither are YOU!)

3 11 2010

I know, I know… my last couple posts have been about Howard’s Homecoming, but that’s been the topic of conversation around these parts most recently… so go with me here.

This past weekend, a good number of some of my fav girls came into town and spent the weekend with me for not only Howard’s Homecoming, but also for our official 5 year anniversary from college (EEK!). We partied from Thursday to Sunday evening and while we certainly enjoyed our time and had a blast, the most prevalent notion that has come from all of us is that mannnnn we’re not young anymore!

Literally, my body is still recovering and really it was only 3 days and 3 1/2 nights of partying. OMG! My MOM can party harder than that! lol… but on Sunday evening, once everyone was gone, I laid out on my couch and crashed. I didn’t even have the energy (until the middle of the night) to walk (or crawl, however you want to put it) to my bedroom and get in the bed. I was soooo tired. I am soooo tired. And I realize it’s because I’m getting old, y’all.

And you’re getting old(er) too.

Here are some ways I found out that I’m not as young as I used to be.

After a night of partying in the club on Friday night and not getting home until about 4:30, I didn’t wake up until 11:30am the next day. And the only reason this happened is because my sister kept blowing up my phone, so I finally woke up. To my surprise, everyone else in my apartment was still asleep as well. None of us are as young as we once were when we could wake up the next day at 8am and keep it moving.

On Thursday night,  I had the opportunity to go out to the club (and not just dinner and drinks) and I passed on it, mostly because I knew that clubbing three nights in a row would not be a good look for me. To juxtapose when I was 21 (my senior year), we probably partied toooo hard the Thursday night of Homecoming. Probably = most definitely did, by the way. And did it stop us from partying the rest of the weekend? Absolutely not.

The concept of partying all week seems like torture now. In college, I always felt like Homecoming was way too short. I mean, who doesn’t want to keep the party going, right? Me, 5 years later.

I had to drink 4 mugs of hot tea Sunday night and I still sounded like a man on Monday morning at work. Anyone who knows me also knows that my vocal cords do not appreciate being overextended because I’m trying to talk over DJs at the club and crowds on the yard… so by Sunday morning (when I actually needed to be heard) my voice was completely gone. This may not be something that’s really an indicator of my getting old(er), but it certainly didn’t help in my Homecoming recovery.

Did it anyone else experience something that showed them they’re not young anymore? Or was it just me… I can take that charge. Oh and by the way, YAY(!!!!) to everyone I saw this weekend and booo hooo to all the folks I missed.




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