My love/hate relationship with Halloween

28 10 2010

I’ve mentioned on here before how much I love holidays (and if you didn’t read that post, I’m pretty sure the gazillion Christmas posts that happen in December probably give that away as well), but I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Halloween for quite some time. For one, it’s not really a holiday – but it definitely has holiday like qualities, including the fact that people like to get dressed up for it. Do you get off work for it? No. Is it religious for anyone in nature? Ummm, probably not for the folks that I hang out with.

And yet, every year, come October – every drugstore, local WalMart, Target, etc… inundates us with Halloween costumes, candy, and other goodies. So like I said, pseudo-holiday. Kinda how some people (not me) feel about Valentine’s Day.

These things can be brushed aside though. What cannot be is the influx of scary movie commercials that happens every October as well. Ugh. I truly despise scary movies. This wasn’t always the case. I’ve always been scary, mind you – let’s not get that twisted. But there was a time when I would enjoy them even as I knew I was scaring myself shit-less. For example, after seeing the movie, It, I couldn’t get into bed normally for a good couple months. Literally, I would take a running jump from my bedroom door and leap onto my bed so that there was no way It could grab my legs as I tried to get in bed. (Anyone who’s seen this movie understands why I did this). But did this make me stop watching the movies? No – it didn’t.

In fact, for awhile, The Shining was one of my favorite movies of all time. It was one of those movies I would watch every time it came on TV. Every single time.

But I also grew up in a fairly large family, so there was never really a time when the house was completely empty. Seriously, it was a rarity when I was alone in my house, so I always had some sense of security in that. AND I didn’t really grow into my very strong belief in spirits (good and bad) until later in life (hey – what can I say? I AM from New Orleans and more than enough family members have spoken about seeing or feeling someone’s presence after they passed away.)

Combine all that with the fact that I now no longer live in a household where other people are present — and yea, you’d have to threaten my life before I watched another scary movie. In fact, the last scary movie I saw was the not-scary-at-all movie in which the characters died the way they died while playing this video game. The kicker was that you knew you were going to die when you looked in the mirror (or something reflective) and saw this creepy looking woman. We were laughing through the whole movie – and then I came home and my roommate at the time was out of town for the weekend and I couldn’t brush my teeth because I didn’t want to look in the mirror! Nowadays, I just avoid them… but you can’t really avoid the damn commercials. I end up having to mute my TV almost once every 15-20 minutes because some stupid scary movie commercial has come on. It’s ridiculously annoying.

And completely makes up the hate part of my relationship with Halloween.

BUT the love part? I absolutely love getting dressed up and coming up with silly or sexy or cute costumes each year. I absolutely love going to Halloween parties and love even more that Howard’s Homecoming is on Halloween weekend this year, and I really love when the little ones come Trick or Treatin’ at my office. I even actually carved pumpkins one year with my roommate at the time who was also pretty big on holidays and pseudo-holidays. So there’s that side to it as well…

And I wrote all of that just so I could tell you Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a nice one… I’ll probably be drunk and creating moments that I probably won’t remember (save for some photos) with the people I can’t forget. I hope that you are too 🙂




5 responses

28 10 2010

That was a really round about way of saying Happy Halloween, lololol.

28 10 2010

lmao! I know – it was all kinds of random, but you love it babay! You do! LOL

28 10 2010

Mostly because it’s the one thing you can’t blame on me

28 10 2010

lol well stop making yourself so easily blame-able

28 10 2010

I’m pretty sure you’ve blamed the apocolypse, Obama’s election, the rumor about Beyonce being preggers and last year’s Black Hollywood Homecoming fiasco all on me. I can only take responsibility for one of those events (Baracka’s election – thankyouverymuch).

So stop blaming me for ish I didn’t do!

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