The Case of the Non-S3X Sleepover

18 10 2010

I, D-Magic, have had male/female sleepovers that have not involved rssfeeding on numerous occasions. And not just with boyfriends. With friends and friends with benefits and friends who wanted to be friends with benefits.


It shouldn’t be, really (and I’ll get to why in a second)… BUT I do know some guys who would say differently. They’d tell you that if a sleepover is occurring, the logical implication is that some ish is going down. They may say that a woman knows exactly what she’s doing if she invites the guy over or agrees to come over and a sleepover is planned from the beginning. Some may even become upset if this rssfeeding does not in fact go down, according to the plans of the person who assumed that it would.

What those people (let’s be real, mostly guys) don’t realize is that they’re missing out on some good ish and as a person who has had had numerous non-s3x sleepovers before, I can attest to at least a few of the things they’re missing out on (NOTE: these are not for sleepovers with just friends):


(if you’re into that kind of thing) I think you guys know by now that I have a love/hate relationship with cuddling, but when done right, with the right person, especially when there’s no expectation for anything else to happen but the cuddling – it can make for a magical time.

Play Time

Some of the best nights I’ve had with a man have been when we spent hours upon hours joking around, playing around, and just having fun! There have been nights where me and a guy play fought and clowned around or even did silly things like Truth or Dare… and never had s3x. And I can honestly say that neither of us regretted not rssfeeding that night when we woke up in the morning.

The Kiss Goodmorning

Have you ever had someone wake you up by kissing you? If you haven’t, here’s what goes through your head (in order).

“Oh… hmmm, that’s niiii- wait, crap, does my breath stink?”

“oh no, what if my breath sti- wait, but that’s niiiiice. mmmmm.”

“screw stinky breath. the kissing makes up for it.”

“oh – ha ha good morning!”

The thing is, you don’t need to have had s3x in order for the kiss good morning to make an impression. In fact, it may just make such an impression that it leads to…

Possible Morning Nook

So you didn’t rssfeed the night before, but now it’s the morning and everyone KNOWS that morning nook is the best. I’m not saying that if you had relations the night before, morning nook won’t happen… I’m just saying that if it didn’t happen that night but you two have an obvious chexual connection, you juuust never know what will happen in the morning. Can’t say the same if you kick the girl out before morning ever comes.

Those are all that I can think of for now, but I’m sure there’s more. For anyone who’s ever had a non-s3x sleepover with someone who’s more than just a friend, do you have any more to add?




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24 02 2011
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