“Go now, GO!”

23 08 2010

So, the other night I was watching some old episodes of My So Called Life while packing (don’t judge me – I loooooooooved that show!) and it just reminded me of so many things that were so high school! Like going somewhere (to a party, the mall, etc…) because your BFF told you that your crush was going to be there, and you wanted to “accidentally” run into him.

Or how if you really liked a guy you would call him by his full name, ie the way Angela would always say Jordan Catalano, instead of just Jordan  (or heck, having a crush on Jordan Catalano lol).

Or how the first time you kissed a guy you liked…. was like heaven on Earth or finding a treasure at the end of a rainbow (didn’t matter if it happened every first time you kissed a guy that you liked).

Or when every guy in you and your friends’ lives had such dramatic nicknames, like “Mi Helado”… oh wait, we still do that. Ah well, I guess there are some things that never change.

But really, watching those episodes just reminded me of how things were so simple then! We called someone our boyfriend or girlfriend because we talked on the phone with them every night or held hands with them at school, and you certainly weren’t worried about someone video-taping your make-out session with your boo and blasting it on Facebook or Twitter. Your biggest concerns were not wanting to seem uncool, trying to keep your grades up, and navigating the difficult balance of following your parents rules and being a teenager (so basically not wanting to follow your parents rules). All these things seemed pretty major then, but in retrospect, eh – not so much.

I was totally like this in high school. Then, my focus was on Jonathan BLEEP instead of Jordan Catalano, but just like Angela – you couldn’t tell me anything about him. And once we got together, I was pure putty, mush in his hands… even if we broke up and got back together more often than the school bell rings during the day. We didn’t go to the same school, but his mom owned a salon like 5 minutes away from my school. Looking back on my senior year, I remember the times I would go the salon to see him after school and by the time we were done sucking face (remember that phrase?), my sparkling pink lip gloss was all over his lips and completely gone from mine. He would make a point to walk back into the salon without wiping his lips because he wanted everyone to know he’d been outside kissing his girl.

That boy had me so gone. All he ever had to do was smile at me and he could get away with murder. It didn’t hurt that “murder” in high school was the equivalent of me getting mad because he didn’t call me at 8pm, but he called at 9pm. Oh the days lol.

I think about those times a lot when I talk to my baby sister who’s 15 and just starting her junior year in high school. The things she mentions that are sooo life altering for her now were the same things that were life altering for me too, or at least I thought so.

Now, I long for the days when you knew a guy liked you because he got you balloons and flowers for Valentine’s Day from the school gift shop. The days when things were much simpler and people weren’t so jaded. We didn’t have anything to be jaded about, you know. We were all so fresh and so green and naive to the hard aspects of liking someone or being in love. All we knew was, I like him, he likes me – nothing else matters. We hadn’t quite learned that people carry around baggage that prevents them from giving into those feelings yet. Heck, we hadn’t quite learned that “baggage” existed yet. We were all just floating around, trying to make it out of the crazy place we called high school, ready to get out and experience “life” and “love”, and “the world” and all those other small words that mean much more than we realized.

It was like we were all waiting at the start of the race, anticipating hearing someone scream out “GO!” And now that I’m in the race, I can appreciate so much more the simplistic beauty of waiting to start. Maybe in 10 more years, I’ll look back on my twenties and appreciate this part of the race as well. Now that, I’m looking forward to.

*For those who didn’t watch My So-Called Life, “Go now, Go!” is how the theme music starts… hence the title. I know, I can be sooo deep sometimes lol.




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