The List

24 06 2010

Most of us have one. Yours may be one line long or 35 lines long – but unless you’re a virgin – you’ve got one. Yep, I’m talking about the infamous sex list. Now, it’s very possible you’ve never written yours down, and for several different reasons. For example, if you’ve only had sex with one partner, well you probably don’t need to put your list on paper. Especially if you’re no longer with that person, that might be a bummer to see JOE BLACK on your paper and then nada. As well, if you can barely keep up with your body count or you think it may take more than one piece of paper, you may not want to actually write it.

Writing also requires that you know all their names. Pow! (That was definitely a hit to someone – don’t know who, but it hit home for some reader lol.)

But if neither of those things fit you – then you should have your list. If nothing more than just for shits and giggles. I have one. My close girls do too. You know how I know? It seems to come up during our excursions out of the country and across the country. We want to know if anyone has resurfaced on the list. Did they find themselves higher on the list than they initially were? Did someone completely fall off once perspective and time gave you the chance to really reevaluate their skills? Even if it’s not your thing to clown around with your peeps about it – it certainly helps in knowing what you want sexually from the next person.

Making a list, in essence, shows you what styles fit your needs best, what sexual things you can or cannot do without, and most importantly – if you have any deal breakers. Maybe you’ll recognize that based on your list, the top 3 guys all made a point to participate in multiple positions. Well, chances are that means you like that style. So what’s the best way to begin and complete your list? I’m glad you asked.

1. First, as I said before – it’s best to know all the names. At least know the nickname you gave each person. This obviously makes it easier to distinguish between “cute guy with a cute smile” and “FINE guy with a cute smile.” uhhhhh errr???

2. Take a moment to think back. For some of you, it may take longer than others – but still take the moment. Who’s the most memorable sexual partner for you? (in a good way, of course)… this person is probably number one for you, and then the list moves downward.

3. You may need more than one list. Okay, I know this sounds crazy – but I have two lists: a watermelon list and a sex list. Why, you ask? Because sometimes the guy who gives the best head is also the guy who lays it down the best, but not always. For example, my number 1 on both lists is the same… but guess what – number 2 on the watermelon list never even got the chance to have sex with me. Does that mean he doesn’t get some sort of recognition in my book? No ma’am. That man was too good to not be included! LOL

4. Lastly, make sure you include everyone. Girls – this means the dude that you only had sex with once. Yes, he does count. Even if he has a nubby – no excuses. And guys – the same thing goes for the ugmug you bedded with your Henny goggles that one night. Yep, she counts as well.

Alright dear readers – go ahead and complete your list. Was it hard? Were there any shockers you didn’t expect before filling it out?




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28 06 2010
Reflections: Trey vs Ne-yo « Choices, Voices, and Sole

[…] tortured feelings, and (GASP) nights of cuddling. But he’s no slouch either. In fact, he tops both of my lists, but that’s not what I think about for the most part when his name is brought […]

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