Summer Lovin’ or Summer Platter

21 06 2010

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast; summer lovin’ happened so fast. I met a girl crazy for me; met a boy cute as can be. Summer days driftin away to uh-oh the summer nights.” ~ Grease/Summer Nights

Awhile ago Pimp C and I were discussing the men in our lives when she casually mentioned that this summer she was looking to fill up her platter with men. (some say roster, whatever floats your boat) That got me to thinking about how the heat affects us all when it comes to relationships or relations between men and women. And with today officially being the start of summer (I know most people will say it’s felt like summer for months now, but today’s technically the first day), I figured it’s the perfect time to have such a discourse on the blog.

Now I’m sure everyone has at one point had a summer fling before (or maybe you at least know someone who has? IDK). I’ve had a couple (and by couple, I mean more than two, but less than 10 – I just don’t feel like counting) in my lifetime. And while snuggling with someone in the winter is definitely fun, spending time with them out in the sun during the summer is equally just as thrilling. You get to go to the park, or chill out by the pool in your sexy swimsuits, and heck – the night always seems to last longer in the summer, which is always a good thing in my book. I would venture to say that most singles, however, tend to take the summer as a time to get out and enjoy the scenery, so to speak.

I hear it all the time. “This summer, I’m going out every weekend and meeting a new guy every night,” one friend might say. Or “Summer’s here – time to play,” I might hear from another. Regardless of how they say it, the point is still clear. Summer is not the time to start a relationship. Too many hot, barely clothed bodies around with too many heat-induced fantasies going on in their minds to settle down. So which one is the better of the two? Is it more fulfilling to have a gang of folks at your disposal or just one?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to both.

Summer Lover

Pro – it doesn’t matter what time you call, unless something serious is going on, chances are you know this person will be there for some rssfeeding. You don’t need to worry about picking some stranger up in a bar or whatever, because you’ve already got your lover for the summer. You’re good.

Con – if you’re not into having sex with the same person over and over, this probably wouldn’t be a good look for you. Also, outside of high school – most flings inevitably end with someone having caught feelings for the other person. (and let me just say, it’s not always the girl – thankyouverymuch)

Summer Platter

Pro – If you love variety, this is the thing for you. It’s like getting the appetizer platter at a restaurant because you can’t quite decide between three different ones on the menu. It’s the perfect blend of the best of both (triple or whatever) worlds, mixed with a great sense of non-committal activities.

Con – That whole “the more people you have sex with, the more likely you are to contract an STI” thing can kinda be a blower.

Summer Lover

Pro – If he or she is FINER than a bag of chips (not sure where that phrase ever came from), you have ultimate bragging rights for bagging (get it?! lol) that person – at least for the summer. Plus, who doesn’t want a summer boo that understands come September, you gotta hit the hay so I can start looking for my winter snuggler?

Con – Oh, right. Come September, the deal is that this is all over. No matter how FINE that person is, huh? No matter how much fun we have together. Right.

Summer Platter

Pro – Did I mention variety can be the spice of life? I did? Well, I mean – this can’t be said enough. You shouldn’t ever be bored in this scenario.

Con – Except that your game may not be on every single night that you go out, so you’re guaranteed to have some dolo nights in the summer when you didn’t plan it that way… and that’s never cool.

Seems like there’s a good amount of pros and cons to both. So what say you, dear readers? Which route do you think is best during the heat days??




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