Always Strapped

5 05 2010

“You know I live a Magnum lifestyle…” ~ Trey Songz

Clearly Trey does it, and so do thousands of other men (who aren’t named Lil Wayne, incidentally)… but when a woman says she does it, at once – all kinds of thoughts start running through folks heads. Is she a whore? A slut? A slut bag whore?

And I’m not talking about sex here. Not directly, at least. I’m talking about the act of keeping a condom on your person. I, for one, have admitted on a few occasions to friends of mine that I like to keep at least one prophylactic on me – whether that’s in my purse, my travel bag, whatever. I’m all about responsibility folks – but you and I both know what kind of stigmas can come with a woman saying she has a condom. I’ve even had some of guy friends tell me that if they found out the woman had her own condom, then they knew something was going down!

Well – how presumptuous?!

Maybe, like me – the woman just likes to be prepared and has no intention of having baby oopsies anytime soon. So yes, I stay with a condom most days of the week – and honestly, if I’m going out of town, I tend to make sure I have more than one. Not because I have sex all the time, believe me. On the contrary, in fact – if I were to tell you the last time I had sex, you all would probably gasp in horror and start putting together some coins for the cause (I digress lol), but even though the idea of a woman carrying a condom still has some taboo to it – I’d still like to offer you all some legitimate reasons that women like me do it (you know, in case you’re a guy and are presented with the situation or you’re a gal and you’re thinking of joining the crew lol).

I Don’t Trust a Man to Have it

I know that sounds bad, and as bad as it sounds – it really and truly is not a diss to mankind. The thing is – when I was younger, I had this misconception that all men kept a condom on them at all times. I’ve found, however, that out of high school – that’s not really the case. So in cases where unplanned sex might occur, I’d rather have too many condoms at the party – than none at all. We may not even get to the one I have, but isn’t it better to have it just in case?

Sometimes Your Girl Needs One

My girls and I like to go on trips together. Sometimes they are out of the country; sometimes they are simply a couple states away. Either way… it never fails that at some point – at least one of my friends has the opportunity to hook up with some hunky fella. What kind of friend would I be if I did not provide moral support by supplying her with her own version of the nooch protector????

Sometimes You Need More than One

Okay, so the guy had one on him. Great! But what if one wasn’t enough? (I won’t get into why that may be – we’re all adults here.) Lucky for him, I’ve got one too! Yippee!!! See how that works?

SH*T Happens

I know we don’t like to talk about it – but women are raped or sexually attacked in this country on a daily basis. And I don’t know, I’ve always felt that if I were attacked (not being morose, just sayin) – I’d want the guy to wear a condom. Chances are, however, he’s not going to be planning to do that. Now, I’m not saying that your plea to him to put the one you have in your purse on will work…. but we also don’t know that it wouldn’t.

Sometimes I AM Planning to have Sex with You

And to end on a lighter note, sometimes I may actually be planning to have sex with you – but is that such a BAD thing? This idea that women don’t want to have sex or are somehow coerced by some guy into ‘giving it up’ becomes more and more ludicrous as I get older. News flash – we want it just as much as the next guy. So if we’re in the bed, making out and I pull out my condom for you to put on, don’t get all flustered on me. After all, if the roles were reversed, I certainly wouldn’t do that to you.




One response

13 12 2010

Dis is soo true cuz one might just be caught offguard since we can’t always know wen we want to av sex

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