Things I’ve learned about S.E.X.

21 04 2010

Let’s talk about sex, baby – let’s talk about you and me… let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things there may be – let’s talk about sex. Let’s talk about SEX. ~ Salt N Pepa

In a few short weeks, your very own D-Magic will be the ripe old age of 27 and since I’ll be so old and wise, I figured I would impart some of my wisdom onto my fellow readers. (I hope that you have been reading long enough to catch my sarcasm here…) Anyway, the truth is a couple of my friends and I were talking the other day about things we’ve learned as we get older about our bodies and sex. I wanted to share with you all – because well, sharing is caring.

Here’s some things I know.

1. Your friends (your real close friends) always know when you get some new lovin’. Don’t ask me how; maybe there’s a signal that’s sent out over the airwaves or something. Either way, it’s truth. Don’t believe me? – remember this clip in Love Jones when Nina’s friend instantly knows something went down? She didn’t have to say a word. Her girl just knew. We’re good like that. (start at the 5:00 minute mark)

2. Staying on this clip for a second – you see how she says that his member spoke to her? It called her by her name – “Niiiina.” When you finally meet a guy who can make you feel like that sexually, that’s a jones for your arse. I’ve known many a women to stay in a sexual relationship with someone because their bodies spoke the same language. This is no diss, mind you – it’s just fact.

3. As a woman, I think you really know yourself sexually if you know what range in length and girth of a penis you like. I’m not saying that you have some kind of crazy deal breaker ideas about penis size, but I honestly think that the point at which you can say you know what you like, that’s how you know that you know your body. Until then, you’re still experimenting. Bonus points if you know what style you like – I think I’ve already made it clear what preference I have 🙂

4. Same goes for orgasms. If you’re still expecting the man to do all the work and MAKE you have an orgasm, I demand that you take a little time to put on some Trey Songz tonight and explore. You’ve got to know your body, ladies – and at least one thing that sets you off. Now, I’m not saying you should know everything – for what would be the fun in trying new positions and things if you knew exactly how it would make you feel, right? But one thing – you should at least know ONE thing.

5. Never believe everything Cosmo says. Don’t get me wrong – I love Cosmo! But uhhh some of the stuff that they recommend would get you punched in the face. So make sure your guy is down for some of their more taboo suggestions before you just go thrusting fingers and tongues in unexpected places lol.

6. Its 2010 and I can’t stand a man (or woman for the men and lesbians who read this blog) who still has crazy restrictions on what goes down in the boudoir. Listen, if a woman is letting you enter her body, I think it’s pretty rude of you to be like, nah babe I don’t get down with that watermelon ish. The hell you don’t!!! Nobody is asking for supahead type activities where you go for hours, prompting symptoms such as lockjaw and the such – but I believe that Lauryn Hill said it best when she asked for just a little bit of reciprosity. 🙂

What do you all think? Did I miss any?




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