Blonde Moments

28 03 2010

I’ve been really loopy and absentminded lately. REALLY loopy and absentminded. For the past month – I’m not joking guys. Things that  I would normally have no problem with, I’m forgetting 20 seconds later. My mom calls, I’m busy so I say I’ll call her right back and 2 days later, I realize – oh shit! I never called my mom back… And this is on accident, not on purpose lol

I’ve been spelling simple things wrong like ‘I have know idea…’ Yes, I actually wrote that to someone. ME!! I’m a full fledged member of the grammar police and if something doesn’t get fixed soon – they’re going to take my badge from me. These people are mean. Trust me, they’ll really do it.

I even had dinner with 2 of my very naturally blonde friends the other day and literally said to them, “Please don’t mind me. I’ve been having a lot of blonde moments lately.” Ummm who does that?! Good thing they both have a great sense of humor, because it would have been in their rights to punch me in the shin – not the face, it wasn’t that serious lol

But these are only a few examples out of over a month of loopiness, forgetfulness, and GASP possibly even some flakiness. And its really been starting to get to me. I mean, yes I’ll be 27 in like a month 1/2 (EEK!) but that’s not like ‘lose your f-ing brain’ old. So it’s not old age.

Well, the other day, Mandy Pants suggested this theory – “I think I know what the problem is, but you’re not going to like it,” she said. By the by, you should never ever ever start off a conversation like that with one of your friends. That’s what you call torture.

“Okay,” I said. “I can handle it, what do you think the problem is?”

“What did you give up a little over a month ago for Lent,” she asked.

“Ummm a couple things.”

“Right, but what could make a person start to lose their mind?”

GASP – sex!

I looked at her at first with one of those looks that said ‘girl, you are crazy’ but she stood her ground and gave me the ‘I’m so serious’ look and I think I may have caved. What if she’s right, I thought? How crazy would that be?

I mean, I’ve read the reports that talk about how consistent sex can be beneficial to your health and your mindset, but I’d never read anything that spoke to the opposite. But one might conclude that if A=B, B would necessarily equal A, and she just might be right. And if she is, what the hell does that mean for me? I’m not going to be okay until I get some good nook?!? REALLY?

What do you guys think? Could she be right or is my mind just playing tricks on me? da da da da da….




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