17 03 2010

A little while ago, I vented on here about wanting the snow to go far, far away. And thank goodness – it seems like it has. In fact, this past weekend marked the beginning of a new season. Granted, spring hasn’t officially started just yet, but with the passing of the point where we must turn our clocks forward an hour, I can only see spring on the horizon. Well, spring and my dating life.

Yep – you guessed it, I’m using this as one big old metaphor.

The snow is gone and has been replaced by anticipation of blooming flowers, sunny days, warmer weather, some rainy days (but that’s okay, because that just means more flowers)… and I’m generally excited about the possibilities of what are to come. Can’t you see it now? D-Magic strolling the National Mall, checking out the cherry blossoms, marveling at the beauty of some really HUGE rainbow and turning just in time to see a Darren Sharper look-alike marveling at me LOL.

You can’t see it?!

Maybe you should look closer…

cuz it’s there. I’m ready – ready for the Spring, ready for transitioning phases, ready for whatever is to come. Ready to be kissed like Bailey on Grey’s last week or like Ms. Pilsbury on Glee. You know, the kind of kiss that all you can do is let out a BIG SIGH after, because the guy and the kiss were so amazing that you were literally left breathless? Yeah – I’m ready for that. And I feel like Spring is just the time for that to happen.

What are you excited about now that Spring is on the horizon? Is it something simple like the wine festivals that are nearing or something metaphorical like me?




2 responses

17 03 2010

OK – I’m glad there was a metaphor in there because, well I didn’t want to read about the time change, LMAO.

I think it’s good you’re looking at the spring so postively. Yay you!

Me, I’m just dying to get on that new bicycle I purchased. I plan to have my first ride this Saturday. Just. Can’t. Wait.

I’m also hoping that this little more than casual thing turns into something closer to serious – then I can have outside dates. I’d really love that 🙂

17 03 2010

ha ha ha… you don’t have to worry about that ever being a real topic on this blog lol.

And yay to your spring time anticipations as well! 🙂

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