Free Female Condoms in DC!

11 03 2010

I think by now we’ve all heard the dire statistics… things like 1 in 20 people in DC is HIV positive or that African-American women are the highest growing population in the HIV/AIDS community, but finally the folks in DC are trying to do something about these numbers and statistics. Now, granted this isn’t some major development – making female condoms free in certain places where male condoms are already provided free of charge shouldn’t really be that big of a deal… except that it kinda is a big deal.

I’ve always thought the fact that female protection was rarely seen gave a wrong impression to women everywhere – you know, that it’s not your responsibility to protect yourself. It’s his. Well, we clearly see how well that’s worked out, right? Now, with this new DC program – women of any economic background (at least in DC) will have access to one of the ways to protect themselves. But it takes more than access – we have to use that access.

And access is always a wonderful start. Think about it, how often have you seen female condoms in a store for pay, even? And when you do, it’s one box out of the 50 million available for men. Don’t even get me started on the fact that you won’t find a finger condom or a dental dam outside of a sex shop (please look those up if you haven’t heard of them.)

Either way, if you’re in the DC area and you’re in need of some female prophylactics (or know someone who is in need of them)… here’s more info on how you can get them on Free.99 tip 🙂




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