2 03 2010

YESSS!!!! Your girl is back with a vengeance with these shoe posts lately! But there’s a slight problem, this site ASOS… I might need someone to block it from my computers (work and home) before I spend all my overtime money in the UK and not putting it in my savings account for the new place (but thats for another post lol).

Anyway – while I attempt to try and control myself. (EEK!) Here’s a few that you can whet your taste buds with… although, this didn’t really help on the last shoe post, cuz I definitely copped those hot pink ones. I’M ONLY ONE WOMAN HERE GUYS!!! There’s only so much temptation I can endure!

(note: I totally couldn’t find these particular shoes on the site/just on the shoe banner – and I believe it’s for a reason. God knows I would have copped them immejutely!)

Ted Baker Eaven Geometric peep toe heeled court shoe $163

Karen Miller Colour block peep toe heeled court shoe $230

Nike Dunk high ’08 metallic trainer $120 {for the little bit of Omega in us all – shouts to C-Murder who whenever she is drunk thinks she is a Que lol)




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