My name is D-magic…

3 02 2010

and I’m a (reformed) drunk dialer.

The other night I was watching the Real World DC and the girls talked about their drunk dialing ways – how there were guys in their lives that they called whenever they were drunk: Go to guys in another way, I suppose. The thing is, what usually happened for them is that they soon regretted such a trangression… and yet, they continued to do it each and every time they got drunk!

And I know they’re not alone. Partly because I used to be that girl – and still have some friends who do it as well. I don’t know why we do it (or used to do it). Maybe it’s that whole idea of letting go of your inhibitions when your drunk or maybe it’s easier to do the things you wanted to do sober when you’re drunk, but for whatever reason – drunk dialing is a very common phenomenon.

So much so that there’s phrases like “friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” But you know what I do now? I drunk text one of my BFFs instead. In fact, Pimp C and I have basically started a pact without explicitly saying that we did – that instead of texting or calling anyone else, we text/call each other. Sure it makes for really funny voicemails and texts that we can clown each other about later, but more importantly, it stops us from making asses out of ourselves to others.

So instead, around midnight or so… every once in awhile, I’m not surprised when my text message goes off (and she isn’t either lol). I don’t think it’s some dude trying to come over. I don’t think it’s something wrong. I know it’s just Pimp C drunk texting me so she doesn’t drunk text someone else. I’ll take that charge. And I’m glad she does for me as well.

That way – I don’t have to stand up and say, “Hi. My name is D-magic and I’m a drunk dialer.” I’m reformed!* Woot!

Are you?

* All of this is a moot point if the person texts or dials me first. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned how not to be a willing participant while I’m drunk lol. And those tend to lead to very funny conversations as well.




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