Let’s be real about the neighbors…

29 01 2010

If you haven’t heard by now, Trey Songz recently announced that his new single would be “Neighbors Know My Name,” and while I certainly enjoy the tune on his album, I’m a bit concerned that dudes are now going to start trying to use lines from the song to holla at women. Can’t you see it now? You’re walking down the street – and a guy hits you with, ” say ma! your body’s a problem/they call me the problem solver!” OR “when I’m bangin on your body, they’ll be bangin on my wall!”

You may be thinking that I’m paranoid or I’m exaggerating. But you couldn’t be further from wrong. Don’t you remember when Ginuine came out with In Those Jeans??? I do. Almost every bum under the sun was talking about, guuuuuurl is there any room for me – in those jeans? I even had one guy try to sing it to me.

He couldn’t sing.

Then, when Chingy came out with Right Thurr, there were tons of guys talking about, “lil mama, you a quarterpiece, you far from a dime.” Heck, guys already lost their damn minds with Trey’s last two singles…. you can’t tell me that you haven’t heard your fair share of “say girl, you know I invented sex, right?” or “say ahhhh” while in the club.

So I just know… I. just. know. they are going to have a field day with this one. And I think it’s hilarious – because, let’s be real… everyone doesn’t have the goods to make you scream so loud their neighbors hear you. Ask Greg Oden. Okay, that was mean. Ask the stand-in then. Hmmm, that may have been meaner. Well how about ask Ray J. Because even though the world knows that he’s packing, as far as I could tell from his sexual escapades with a certain Kardashian on tape, the man has no stroke. Yeah I said it – he’s all jack rabbit, no swang. And trust me – that won’t have the neighbors knowing your name either.

In fact, truth be told… the distinction is not as common as Trey Songz would make you believe. Do I think he probably has girls screaming his name? uhhhhh yeah, I do (did you see that Invented Sex video?!!? lol)… but do I think most guys enjoy the same perks? No sir, I do not. So this is my PSA to all the men who are thinking of taking Trey’s lyrics and using them as your soundtrack – please back them up with something and don’t have some woman out there thinking she’s going to be screamin’, scratchin’, yellin’ when all you can do is make her wimper.

Thank you kindly.


All women of the world




3 responses

29 01 2010

“Yeah I said it – he’s all jack rabbit, no swang.”



29 01 2010
Boss Brown

LMAO! love this post. I think you should do a PSA message and have it come on right before this video airs – each time. It’s important. Dude’s need to know this. They will try it and feelings will be hurt.

29 01 2010

@ V: LOL – sadly, this was no exaggeration. I was highly disappointed. LMAO!!!!

@ Boss B: I think a special message SHOULD come on before the video, kinda like how Jeezy had to put the “say no to drugs” message on after his Coffee Shop video! LMAO!

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