Lines and lies

27 01 2010

“Relax… nothing will happen that you don’t want to…”

I’m sure we’ve all heard this before – it’s like the consummate male line. I thought about doing a post about it a little while ago when Jozen mentioned it in his blog, Until I get Married… but I forgot. And then I saw a character on General Hospital use it – and it all came back to me. Ahhhh yes… that line. The same line that Darius used in Love Jones, when everyone (including Nia Long’s character) knew he wanted to wear that arse out.

So what is it about that line and others that when said by the right person, sounds less like a lie than what it really is? Could it be that we actually believe the guy when he says nothing’s going to happen? Nah… I don’t think any of us are that naive… plus, really – the guy is making it pretty clear that it’s not the case that nothing will happen, it’s just that you’ll want it to happen.

And maybe that’s the key right there… by the time you get to that line, both parties pretty much know that they want something to happen. It’s the same thing with, “Don’t try and molest me.” I’ve had a guy say that to me as well, as he’s climbing into my bed saying that we are going to sleep in the bed together and not make out, hook-up, nothing… knowing damn well that he wanted to go on and pin me against the wall (start at 1:35) at any moment. Before I knew it, we were rolling in the (metaphorical) hay – I’m sure with him knowing the end result all along.

Over and over, I’m sure many of us gals can name some of the lines/lies we’ve been fed that we knew were lines/lies when they came out of the guy’s mouth – but we still went along with it. Maybe we’re all suckers for reverse psychology… maybe we like the decision being explicitly placed on us… but for whatever reason, these lines have continued through time and probably will.

What are some that come to your mind? And have you fallen for them?




2 responses

27 01 2010
Boss Brown

How about “I really trust you – like my family I trust you”… Trust me to do what? Not blow up your spot?? Whateva…. If you really trust me you know me enough to know that I will snapp in a minute…lol

27 01 2010

I. can. NOT. take you!!!!! LMAO!

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