9 in 09 – the Results!

4 01 2010

We’ve officially begun the year twenty-ten (Happy New Year and all that jazz!), and you know I realized that I’ve made mention to the 9 in 09 list that CCB and I embarked upon at the end of 2008, but never really explained what my nine in fact were… for shame! ANYway, for those who don’t know – the 9 in 09 grew out of this movie where the main character created 10 things she wanted to do before turning 30. Well, since CCB and I tend to be over-ambitious and wanted to outdo the movie, we chose to make a list of things we wanted to do within a year’s time. Since I saw the movie around September 08, the original ending was September 09… but was then extended to the end of the year 2009 [WHY? Cuz we can… Obama said so.]

So here’s my list and how I’ve done in completing them. You’ll see that some of my 09 were amended from the original list, but I’ll also explain how the amended list was completed or not.

  • Lose 65 lbs – uhhhh so far? 20 lbs down before my 2 week break at home in which I’ve probably gained 10 back… what can I say, 65 lbs is a lot!
  • Get my 5th tattoo on my hairline – ahaaaaaa! I did better than this! I got 2 tattoos – the one on my hairline and one behind my ear… that makes up for like 10 of those 45 lbs I missed, right? no?
  • Go skinny dipping – sure did, in the Caymans! embarrassing story attached and everything! lol
  • Date a Brody at least once – not quite. I did have a few opportunities, but none panned out… ah well.
  • Finish 2 of my books and be working towards getting at least one published – yep! well I finished one and am now going through that whole trying to find an agent process, and I’m working very hard on the second one lol
  • Get my car – hmmmm, not so much… maybe by the summer 2010 though *cross fingers*
  • Have an honest conversation with “Jake” about us* – even though this was later changed, as you’ll see when you scroll down, I actually did still complete this. BONUS points for me!
  • Approach a guy with the two-finger come hither move** – read below
  • Develop a signature move – ha ha aha, this may have been one of the first things I accomplished!

* changed to Purchase a pair of designer shoes – even though it was changed, I completed BOTH! Christian Dior pumps, anyone?

** Changed to “Approach four guys with the one-finger come hither move” – I actually did finish this, and had a great story for the blog to boot!

So that’s how my year of ’09 pretty much panned out, in a nut shell. My goals for 2010 are not as tangible and probably won’t get listed on the blog, but I’m hoping for sucess in those as well. How did your goals for ’09 work out?




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8 01 2010
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17 06 2010
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[…] this moment, right now – I definitely do. The funny thing is that last year during the whole 9 in 09 thing, I said I wanted to get with a Brody. Be careful what you ask for, folks. What I should have said […]

26 07 2010
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6 12 2010
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[…] couple years ago, Country Club Barbie and I embarked on a quest we titled Nine in ’09. It stemmed from a movie I’d seen about a girl wanting to complete a list of goals prior to […]

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