Christmas F-ing Carols

21 12 2009

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need, and I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree… I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know. Make my wish come true – baby, all I want for Christmas is YOU.” ~ Mariah Carey

I blame it on Mariah and Boyz II Men. And Donny Hathaway… Cristina Aquilera. Go ahead and bring in NSYNC and who ever else you want to bring in that decided to make a Christmas album – yes, that includes you Snoop Dogg. Okay, maybe not Snoop Dogg – that might be pushing it.

Either way, I blame it on them. And the snow – so I guess Mother Nature can go ahead and get in line as well. And Boyz II Men gets in there twice for having everyone singing “Let it Snow,” forgetting that some folks (ahem, a certain D Magic) might not have anyone appropriate to call to be stuck in the snow with. I’m just saying…

And all of that brings me to the main point – these darn Christmas carols! Here’s the thing – I love them, but I hate them. It’s no secret that I’m a holiday person. I’ve admitted as such on here, on facebook, and if you just happen to know me in real life – you know it’s no exaggeration. But it’s kind of like Toni B’s song, “Another Sad Love Song.” Those same songs that were just great jams for you when you’re not reeling from a break-up all of a sudden become quite poignant when you’re sitting at home alone, watching football and the snow fall out of the sky.

So yes, in a sense, I am saying Weak by SWV = I Miss You Most at Christmas Time (IMYM@CT) by Mariah Carey. Both great songs! Both songs that at normal times would just be your jam – you’d have your hairbrush as your microphone, music blasting loudly, hair banging in the fan of your room so you look like Beyonce’… but in a weak moment of snow induced cabin fever, neither one is a song you want to hear.

You know why? Because a song that was once just your joint now says “exactly how you feel.” See the difference? Anytime Weak and IMYM@CT are saying exactly how you feel, you’ve got problems. And I’d be willing to bet that I wasn’t the only person to text one of their undergraduate BFFs crazy messages like “these damn Christmas carols have got my head all effed up!” Hypothetically of course.

What say you, readers? Is it just me? Did the cabin fever have more to do with my teeny meenie breakdown over text or was it like I said, the damn carols. And are there any songs that normally are okay by you but on a bad night can equal disaster?




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