Holiday Boonapolises

16 12 2009

Last year I gave ideas for what to do as a single woman during the holidays – but hey, maybe you’re dating someone now and its relatively new, or you’re liking on some guy and you want to make some moves this winter season – what do you do? Well, lucky for you, I have some ideas for creating the perfect environment for you and your boonapolis*:

1. Heat up the House
Get him to come over and help you bake some cookies, make some homemade eggnog or hot chocolate (eggnog daiquiri as another option if you’re in New Orleans).  Plop in a movie or watch a football/basketball game – get him to help you finish some last minute decorations, and just spend a nice night inside… steaming up the windows. ooooh la la. LOL

2. Christmas in the Oaks
In New Orleans, we have this thing called Christmas in the Oaks. It’s a lighting celebration done in City Park. There’s cheer, a small fair, and numerous lit up affairs in the beautiful background of the park. It’s a wonderful place to bring kiddies, but it’s also a GREAT date to go on – there’s got to be something similar to that in your city. Find it, go to it, enjoy it.

3. No sentimental gifts
It’s too soon for all that… seriously. If you’re going to give him a gift, get him something cute and simple. Maybe he’s a Saints fan, so you can get him a Saints clock or something like that. Or you could possibly go the cute route and make a fun-sized bunch of Christmas coupons. Do not, however, get him anything that costs over $30 or that will make him go running because he feels like you just proposed to him.

4. Holiday Party Hopping
But not your work/church/granny’s party – you want no pressure, ideally. However, if you have a holiday gathering coming up where you know there will be lots of folks and just all around good fun, why not invite him? You can see how he is around people, but you can also have some fun with him for the holidays? And it’s like asking him on a date without really asking him on a date.

5. Volunteer
Take him with you when you go volunteer somewhere (unless your like me and work with teens, because you probably won’t hear the end of it if you bring him around). You get to see if he’s willing to come with you and participate in your philanthropic ways, but it’s also a nice little way to spend some quality, unpressured time.

6. Bonus- Christmas Karaoke
Who doesn’t want to bust out a little “hang all the mistletoe, I’m going to get to you better…. This Christmas,” while looking at your new boo? Add some beer or long islands to the mix – sounds like a great, fun filled time to me!

*Boonapolis is an old New Orleans nickname for your boo. Can also be substituted with spoogie, boobooski, ol’ lady or ol’ man. You’re welcome for being schooled on some New Orleans slang.




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