I’m a FLIRT…

4 12 2009

…but not really though. Don’t get me wrong – I remember our discussion about the definitions of flirting and acknowledging that it’s best performed when done naturally and instinctively.  But here’s the thing – I also remember admitting at the end of the post, that I suck at flirting when it comes to guys I’m actually interested in. How’s that for flirting 101?

I mean – really, a girl (that’d be me) accused of being one of the bigger flirts that her friends know, can’t flirt with the dude she likes? Wheretheydothatat? I don’t know – but it’s not something new and I’m concerned that if I don’t do something about it, it won’t be going away anytime soon. I’ve never perfected the wink (I just look cuh-razy), I don’t know how to wistle or blow bubble gum, and I can’t flirt when it really counts.

What I can do is have 20 minute conversations with a store owner every time I see him, have him throw something free in my bag each time (unprovoked!!!!) and still not influence him to ask me for my phone number. What I can also do is kiss this amazingly cute guy who I had a crush on for years and come for air, with the loudest “whew!” to ever grace a woman’s lips… seriously Jill Scott [in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?] would have been embarrassed. And let’s not forget the time I let liquid courage influence my flirting skills or sigh, the time I stepped out there with the one-finger come hither move, juuuust to realize I’d put too many numbers in my phone when getting his digits.

Seriously y’all – the more I think about it… I pretty much royally suck at flirting! I can hold a conversation and I mean, every girl knows how to bite their lip ever so slightly or tilt their head in one direction, but the real stuff – the big league stuff, sigh, let’s face it – I’m clearly quite amateur. I can’t even get the cute ethnic white guy at the store to ask me for my phone number!!!! So why is it that I have so many misguided friends who think differently, you may ask? Yeah – I dont know either. You’d have to ask them, and chances are, they probably wouldn’t be able to really answer you. They’d say something like, “she just is,” which when you think about it – gives absolutely no credit to their argument. Like. none.

Either way, my goal for this December is to get better. Do better, I say! I probably won’t finish all of my 9 in ’09 by the end of the year (although I did get a lot of them done – so don’t be too mad)… but I figure if I can improve on the purposeful flirting skills – that’s got to count for one of the 9 that I miss…………. right? Right. So there it is – I’m going to improve on the flirting skills, put myself out there, learn how to wink (well, maybe not – some things are just impossible)… and maybe, juuuuuuuuuuuust maybe, get this guy to go from giving me free stuff out of his store to asking me on a date!

I’ll let you know you how that goes! (cross your fingers though – cuz this Christmas leengerie that I kinda went crazy on this year has got to be seen by more than just me lol)




8 responses

4 12 2009

I have nothing to contribute…. save for a large sigh of relief.

I thought I was the only one.

4 12 2009

No V – you are certainly not alone LOL.. maybe we should start a club for bad flirters anonymous…

4 12 2009

As long as this one doesn’t get blamed on me, it’s all good. Do you in December boo!

4 12 2009

you KNOW I thought about putting that as one of the tags…. just to eff with you! lol

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