Happy Holidays

23 11 2009

I’m a holiday person… which doesn’t mean that I just like the holidays. Plenty of people like the holidays – I love the holidays. And really, I’m a holiday person, but I’m really a Christmas and Birthday person (yes, I consider birthdays personal holidays).

I’ve pretty much always been a holiday person though, so this is nothing new. Need I remind you of this post right here or this post right here. More importantly though, I’m pretty sure that my parents and grandparents are to blame for my love for Christmas. We still do the same tradition every Christmas – all decorate the houses together to the tunes of the Jackson Five Christmas album (on record, not CD). We’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember – no one thinks it’s lame or corny, no one puts up a fight… it’s just what we do. Shoot – I have no shame in admitting this, but I even believed in Santa Claus until I was about 10 (partially because when I was starting to doubt his existence around the age of 5, my mother came upstairs, walked into my room and pointed to the sky at this red thing flying past our house because I wouldn’t go to sleep. Of course she told me the red thing was Santa’s sled… of course, I later found out it was an airplace… but at the time, it kept me going for another 5 years). Anyway – you get it, I’m a holiday person.

The other day I went shopping at Target for Christmas decorations and literally lost my flippin’ mind. Like no kidding here – by the time I was done, I’d completely filled up one of those big Target carts (okay, so it may have been actually over flowing out of the cart). Clearly I completely forgot that I would have to carry all this crap home on the metro, and not in a car lol. Oh,  I remembered half way through the exasperated cashier’s turn at sorting all the stuff I was purchasing. When she got to the Christmas lingerie (you knew I had to get some, right?), she looked up at me – “You like Christmas, huh?” “Yeah, I kinda do,” I replied. I started to explain further, but then realized… man, I don’t need to explain myself to the cashier lol.

Condescending tone aside, she may have had a slight point about all the stuff I was getting – but I mean, you can keep Christmas decorations for years… right? lol…

Anyway, I say all this to say —- I’m a holiday person. So that means I’m really looking forward to the next couple weeks, that great time right before Thanksgiving all the way to the end of New Years. I mean seriously, at no other time in the year, do you literally get three holidays in like 6 weeks. That’s effing amazing – and I am tres excited about it! I’m excited to see everyone’s faces when they open their presents (cuz you know I’m already done shopping). I’m excited to make my eggnog and brownies and have some of Saucy Mamacita’s Coquito. I’m excited to spend Thanksgiving with my sisters… and to see my babies and grandparents for Christmas.

Shoot I’m even excited to wear my Christmas lingerie – even if it is just for me right now. Cuz hey, I have no problem getting sexy for myself… if I don’t who will, I say… who will? So I guess really this post is a fair warning to you, dear readers. There may be an influx of Holiday posts coming soon – still on topic (as much as I ever stay on topic here lol)… but very holiday centric. I hope you enjoy the ride – I will!




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