Must be your Guitar…

20 11 2009

After listening to the new Rihanna CD (and don’t stone me, it’s actually kinda good *bracing herself*), I realized something very important about myself musically – I’m a sucker for any song with a good guitar solo.

Rihanna: Rockstar – check!

Ciara: Promise – check!

Usher: Do it to me – check!

R Kelly: Imagine That – check!

Trey Songz: Your Side of the Bed – check!

Prince: uhhhh anything!

It’s amazing that I never discovered this before… it’s just something about that guitar sound that gets me every time, whether it’s a sexy song or rockin’ out type of song, or even a sad song. I can’t quite explain the allure – I just know that whenever I hear that guitar in the background, I am silently waiting for the moment it takes its position to the front of the song and gives me what I need. And as soon as it comes – I start flailing my hair around, violently strumming my air guitar like I took lessons in another life, and jumping around like I’m Slash’s long lost daughter (I do this in my head and in real life, just depends on the present environment I’m in – but trust me I’m doing it every time whether you know it or not lol).

Which got me to thinking – what other things give me what I need even though I can’t quite explain why? In essence, what other things can I say… it just must be your guitar…

Welp, here’s a few I came up with:

Lil’ Wayne – maybe it’s the fact that he thinks he can play the guitar just as much as I can lol, although it’s probably not that. Maybe he’s my one venture into liking a bad boy (even though on the grand scale of bad guys, he’s really kind of a puppy – well, except for the whole drug addict thing lol). Maybe it’s the swag/ his orange aura – but I don’t know about that either, because there are a lot of swagged out rappers and I have very little fascination with any of them. Could be his money I suppose, but I don’t think I’m a gold digger. It’s certainly not the teeth (ick!) or the tats (even though I have six, myself, he’s doing a bit much)… so what IS it? I don’t know – but whatever it is – it’s there. Must be his….

A man hugging me from behind (and not in a sexual manner) – for whatever reason, this move will make me melt each and every time. Maybe it’s the security of a guy enveloping you. Maybe it’s that it usually also involves him whispering in my ear or kissing me on my neck (and I think Erika Badu proved to everyone how much girls love that)… either way, if you are a guy and you want me to be putty in your hands, this move will certainly not hurt your case.

General Hospital/Grey’s Anatomy – what’s funny is that I have never wanted to be a doctor, but ever since I can remember, I have been watching General Hospital and the craziness that ensues on that soap. In fact, I used to watch a lot of soaps, but it’s really the only one that I care about actually keeping up with. Even to this day, as a grown arse woman, I will make sure that by the end of the week, I have seen at least 3 episodes so that I have a general idea of what’s going on. And with Grey’s – well let’s put it this way: I was texting back and forth with a good friend yesterday. At some point, she said she would just call me later on that night, and then felt the need to clarify “of course not during Grey’s.” So true – because unless it’s an emergency, your call will go unanswered during that time. It sounds crass – but it’s just truth. lol Don’t ask me to try to explain to you why I love them so much because I wouldn’t be able to – but if you think you’re going to stop my love for them, you are so sadly mistaken.

A guy who can be just as much of an ass as he can be a sweetheart – this sounds bad. I realize. But listen, I think it goes back to the fact that I tend to like guys who can play more than one role. I am highly attracted to men who can comfortably wear a suit and a pair of basketball shorts (obviously not at the same time) equally. HIGHLY. So when a guy can be a sweetheart but has just a smidgen of asshole in him – sigh… okay, this is really bad. Because now I sound like that girl the guys talk about who likes bad boys, even though Wayne aside I definitely do not.  I just like him to have a little edge, not I’m scared to leave the house type edge, but a little. Okay… this is getting worse. I’m stopping now lol.

Stilettos – do I really have to explain this?

Anyway, you get what I’m saying here… there are just some things that I like that I can’t always explain to people the reasons. What about you guys?What things must be your guitar?




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