Impress ME!

15 11 2009


Cosmo recently did an article entitled, The 6 Things Guys Notice 6 Seconds After You Meet.* Some of the things they mentioned were our smiles, hair, and skin. I actually kind of agreed with most of them, with the exception of the last one – your bag. In my experience, any guy who is really concerned with certain aspects of my accessories wants to wear them… he’s not all that concerned about how they look on me. Now, I’m not saying guys aren’t observant – most will take notice that you look is put together. But to notice your bag?? I don’t know – but hey, I’ve been wrong before lol.

Either way, this article inspired me to think about the things that I notice when I first meet a guy. Now, I won’t be presumptuous and assume that these are things that ALL women notice – but I mean, some of them probably are very common.

1. His smile – I think it’s fairly well documented on this blog about my obsession with SWT (straight white teeth)… but it’s not just the teeth that I notice. I notice everything about a guy’s smile. Does it seem sinister? Does his smile indicate a bit of a bad boy? Is he cheesing cuz he’s really interested in me or because he’s nervous? Is it a full on smile or something where he’s trying to hide it? As you can see, I take a guy’s smile very seriously. I just think it says so much about you… I’ll have to remember to elaborate on that in a later post sometime soon lol.

2. His eyes – Second only to the smile, the way a guy looks at you can tell you a lot about what he’s thinking when he sees you. True story – when I first met one of my friends, she had this guy who she would joke around with sometimes, but by no means were they doing anything. By the 2nd week of seeing the way he looked at her, I knew them not doing anything would be a wrap soon. She always wanted to know how I knew that he liked her – and all I could say was you could see it in his eyes. Same goes with a guy when you meet him. This is crucial shit, guys.

3. His Demeanor – I love a man who carries himself well. Scratch that – this is how important demeanor is… ask any woman what’s sexy to them? I’m willing to bet you that 9 times out of 10, at some point the girl will say something like, “there’s nothing sexier than a man who walks into a room and commands your attention.” It’s not about swag, arrogance, or anything – it’s something more. It’s what he exudes – demeanor ain’t no hoe.

4. His skin – I’m going to agree with Cosmo on this one. As shallow as this sounds, it’s real. We’re not in high school anymore and major adult acne is not what’s up. I’m not talking about the occasional pimple, but seriously Proactive has been around for years. If you’re not willing to take care of that for yourself, what makes me think you’re going to be diligent in the things you do for me? It’s all in the details people. Plus, even if you can’t afford Proactive, there’s all kinds of other brands that work well too. I personally enjoy Aveda’s products… he should know by now what works for him. If he doesn’t, that means he may not know what other things do and don’t work for him – and if you’re wondering if I’m talking about a certain funtastic tango – I am lol.

5. His interaction with me – you can’t discount this. If all the other things are a 10 and his interaction with you is a 5, it’s a bust. Make sure to pay attention and you’ll know within a few seconds if a guy’s interaction with you is cloud 59 great or if you should run for the hills. No further explanation needed.

What do you think I’m missing girls? And guys – tell me, is this bag thing true? How does that work for someone like me who enjoys a good purse but is much more concerned with her shoes?

* The article was in a section called First Impressions: How to Impress a Guy – hence my title. I need him to impress me just as much – shoot! LOL




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