Is this a New Trend?

27 10 2009

I feel like I’ve been making as many public service announcements on this blog as CCB was venting on her blog, and even though I don’t want to have to make another one – here it goes:

facebook_logoAnnouncement: Facebook is not the new way to ask for someone’s number.

Now, maybe I’m old fashioned. I’ll take that charge, but when we’ve stood and held a 30 minute conversation in the club (plus did a little step to Before I Let Go by Frankie Beverly and Maze) and your next question to me is “Are you on facebook?” I am a bit perplexed. Is this the substitute to asking me for my number, or are you already saying – “I’m not interested in you enough to try and carry on a conversation with you over the phone, but over the internet – I GOT YOU BOO!”?

Well, right or not, I took it as the latter when it happened to me over Homecoming Weekend at Howard University (the Mecca, the Capstone, the Pinnacle of Black Education – sorry, got a little excited there for a second lol), which thus provided the following interaction:

Texas Toast* – Are you on facebook?
Me – Yeah? (Perplexed look…)
TT – You friends with my boy on facebook?
Me – Yeaaaaah (waiting to see where he’s going with this.)
TT – Oh okay, great, so if I friend you, you’re not gonna play me and reject me, right?
Me – (chuckles) You’d rather friend me than ask me for my number?
TT – No no I can get your number too.
Me – Nah you’re good. You want to friend me, so you go ahead and do that… Go friend me lol

So listen, you’re probably thinking I was kinda harsh, right? But the thing is I’m at the point where I can’t deal with bull these days. My tolerance nightclubfor it is just sooooooo low, so while he was cute and he was from the South (albeit Texas, ugh – no offense to my friends who are from there lol) and he was cute, did I mention he was cute… I just wasn’t in the mood to be getting messaged over facebook for awhile, just for it to end nowhere.

And I figure it would end nowhere because no guy who’s really interested in you will ask you for anything less than your number! Right?… Or is this the new thing?

What do you guys think? Was I too harsh – and does it matter anyway since he lives 8 gazillion miles away in Houston? And more importantly, is friending instead of phoning the new trend?

* In case you were wondering, his nickname is Texas Toast because he’s from Texas and he had that Kapper swagger, so he thought he was the toast of the town lol




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