Unexpected Part 2

22 10 2009

This is the second part of the Unexpected short story I posted last week – if you haven’t read part 1 yet, do so before reading any further. *Remember, this story is written in the point of view of a guy.*

Then come right back…

Unexpected Part 2

Ice CreamSundae

I wanted to call her as soon as I got home. But we all know that’s not going down, so I waited a couple hours, dialed up her number, put on my best deep sexy voice and asked her mom if I could speak to Selena please. She sounded so good on the phone. I know that doesn’t make sense because how does someone sound pretty, but she did. And we talked for hours. At one point, I thought she was falling asleep and asked her if she wanted me to let her go, and she said, “No, Monty, I don’t want you to ever let me go.” In that soft, sweet, raspy, sexy, sleepy voice, she’d sealed the deal right there. Oh man, that was it… I was done.

Since then, she’s been my girl. My cute brown skin honey and can’t nobody touch her, yo. She wants to be a pediatrician, so she’s started working as a candy striper at General Meadow Hospital. And on the days that she’s not working or not attending meetings for her position as class president, she’s studying with me or talking on the phone with me or going out with me. As you can tell, I am the highlight of her week.

Or at least that’s what I tell myself, but really, she’s the highlight of mine. And it’s been that way since that first conversation on the phone. It only increased after our first date when we went out for ice cream. I know most guys do the whole dinner and a movie thing, but I’ve never been down with that because dinner costs too much for a first date and you cant talk in the movie, so we went out for ice cream. She ordered a Banana split with caramel and teddy grahams mashed inside and I got a vanilla scoop with chocolate swirl, caramel and oreo cookies mashed inside. We were talking, joking, telling each other stories, like the time when she fell off the dresser she and her cousin decided to climb or the time I broke my arm trying to catch this cat up a tree. And then she looked at me, with this real devilish smile. Shoot, I was so into her smile, I lost track of the fact that smile probably meant she was up to something and all of a sudden… BOOM! She hit me in the face with a spoon full of her banana split.

All I heard was her laughing… LOUD. But this time, when the girl I wanted laughed, there was no embarrassment or anger. This time it was familiarity. Selena was laughing because it was funny and she knew me well enough to know I’d think it was funny too. So I laughed… and then threw a whole glob of my chocolate swirl on her face. You can imagine that didn’t go anywhere good with the ice cream place as we both continued to try and one up each other, still laughing though. We were promptly kicked out, but it was the best time.

Then of course, there was the first time I came over to her place to study with her. I was so nervous; not only did this mean I was going to be in her house with her, probably in a room all by ourselves, but it also meant I was probably going to meet both or at least one of her parents. I walked to the door, rang the doorbell, and waited. When she opened the door, I was floored. She looked so simple, yet so beautiful. Dressed in red lounge shorts, a white tank top, fuzzy slippers, her glasses, and her hair pulled up in a ponytail… she was just WOW. I stood there for a second, trying not to drool in her doorway, trying to remain cool since, hey, she was my girlfriend by then anyway, and trying to remember I still had to meet her parents.

As soon as I’d gathered myself together, she hit me with the news: her parents had gone to the grocery store and a meeting and weren’t going to be back home until a little later. We’d be studying in the living room, she told me. I really can’t remember what else she said for the next 5 minutes though, because I was trying to get myself to understand how I ended up in the house of my sexy girlfriend with no parents. I got it together again, however, when Selena promptly reminded me how we both needed the extra credit in math class so we needed to get a move on into the actual studying part of the day. What a way to ruin a guy’s mood, right? Remind me why I’m really there. But it really didn’t ruin my mood at all. We studied. We laughed. We looked into each other’s eyes. And I fell in love.

Look for Part 3 next week!




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