Slip and Slide

19 10 2009

I believe that in life you should take everything as a lesson learned. And no I’m not about to get all Alicia Keys on yall right now – but when there are times that I have the inclination (however slight) to regret something in my past – I simply remember how it helped me grow into the person I am now, and how it and the other things I will do wrong will help me continue to grow in the future. alicia keys

Which leads me to a recent lesson I’ve learned lately – You can’t always let thing slide just because he’s cute. Now maybe some of you have already learned this lesson – or maybe you didnt need to learn it because it was already just in you. But for me, I’ve finally come to this conclusion. No more excuses that sound like, “but he was soooo cute that….” and then end with “but then I found out he was crazy.”

What I’ve come to realize is that usually in between those two statements, there’s typically a sign that dude is crazy that I’ve let slide since I thought he was cute. Por ejemplo, just the other day I was walking into my office building, when I saw a reaaaaaally cute guy. Like – reaaaaaally cute, guys! Now, it was raining and cold, and I’m from the South, so I had my hoodie on, tied up, with my jacket buttoned up to my neck on top of it. Because of this, I already knew the chances of him approaching me were less than positive – but then out of nowhere, he did!

And in the next few seconds, I wished he hadnt. His first line was lame enough – “You should take that hoodie off so we can see your pretty hair,” but foolishly, I was almost willing to let that slide – as I’d done with the bugaboos I can’t get rid of now. I politely laughed, informed him that it was raining and cold and kept walking (albeit a little slower to see if he would say something else.) He did.

“What yo name is girl,” he asked.

“I’m sorry,” was about the only thing I could get out of my mouth. I just knew I’d heard him wrong. So I tried to give him the opportunity to

No, not even if he's this cute

No, not even if he's this cute

change his phrase. But then he said it again. “What yo name is girl?” Sadly, I just walked away.

I could have told him my name, given him my phone number and waited to be thoroughly disappointed again. But I get the feeling, and I got the feeling at that moment as well, that I’d once again be telling the story of how I met this dude who was cute and turned out to be psycho or just not worth the time.

So my advice, any single lady readers, no matter how cute a guy is – trust your instincts and listen to how he approaches you: chances are you’ll get a feel for whether he’s worth it or not in the first 10 seconds.

Lesson learned.




4 responses

19 10 2009
Boss Brown

I see you’ve used another line from my life!! I love it! I love this post. I needed it and this came just ar the right time for me. Crazy, cute negros are not worth it.

19 10 2009

Heyyyyy Boss Brown!!!! Glad the post was what you needed – we all need a reminder sometimes that cuteness doesn’t excuse all LOL… and I don’t think I could’ve said it better: “Crazy, cute negroes are not worth it.” That needs to be a billboard sign! LMAO!

29 10 2009
Cunty Black Woman

Ugh … that sucks. Not being able to talk, or spell for that matter, will get you banned with the quickness.

Damn. I know exactly what you mean.

2 11 2009

Yea – all cuteness went straight out of the window as soon as he said that foolishness.

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