Bringing it back – story book time

12 10 2009

I haven’t done a short story on here in awhile – so I’m going to post one I did recently in a couple different installments. It’s not a shoe story like the others, but I hope you guys like it just the same 🙂 As a twist, this one is also my first short story written from the perspective of a guy…


writing a letter

Lisa was the finest chick in my school. Man, for real, all the guys wanted her and all the girls wanted to be like her. I used to watch her flirt with that cute smile of hers, lick her lips, bend her finger towards herself and have guys flock to her. I’m telling you, she had everything. She was beautiful with long legs, a perfect black model chick. And her friend that she hung out with, just, well… wasn’t. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she was cute… but in the presence of Lisa, damn, Tyra Banks would be put to shame, much less Selena.

But Selena’s who I fell in love with. Yep, that’s right… she’s my ol’ lady now. Sometimes she teases me because I’m younger than her, but I tell her, “baby, I’m all the 15 yr old you’ll ever need.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, and really, I don’t think she knows either, but… she smiles every time. Like, that big, showing your tonsils kind of laugh… and I look at her and wonder how I could have missed her all that time.

She was always with Lisa. They had been friends for forever and a lot of people used to think that the only reason Lisa stayed friends with Selena was because she made her look that much more beautiful. At least, I know that’s what I thought.

I can remember the day I finally got up the nerve to put the moves on Lisa just like it was yesterday. True, it was only last year, but that’s a long time in high school, you know? So anyway, I psyched myself up, had listened to some D’Angelo and some Trey Songz the night before to get into my playa mode. That next morning, I walked right up to honey, stood up straight showing off my 5-7 frame to its fullest, and started to spit the tightest game anybody’s ever heard!

I say started, because before I could get more than “Hey Lisa” out of my mouth, she looked down on me like I was 5’2 and she was 6 feet tall, cocked her sunglasses on the edge of her nose, and laughed…. LOUD. She laughed so much; I forgot what I was about to say. Man, she laughed so much. I think she forgot what she was laughing about. But I didn’t… it cut… deep. Because as she continued laughing, everyone around her starting joining in and the madder I got about it all, the more they enjoyed it. Everyone, that is but Selena. She looked at me with the most beautiful eyes I had seen with the most sympathetic look I had seen.

And in that moment, my anger turned to embarrassment; not because of Lisa and her goons, but because I had overlooked this 5’5 chocolate brown cutie all this time and here she was, feeling sorry for me. I had to get away. Immediately. So I tried to bow out gracefully, said, “Alright Lisa, check ya lata,” gave Selena the head nod, turned around on my heels and started walking away slowly. You know, a brother had to still try to keep his cool, couldn’t let ‘em see me sweat… so instead, I continued that ridiculous laid-back walk all the way down the hall, down the stairs, and into our school’s courtyard, where I finally stopped, looked around and plopped down on a bench, thankful to get away from them. All of them. Especially her… Selena.

I went through the whole day praying nobody would say anything, and I had almost made it through the day until last period gym. I was the sport that day… it felt like I heard a million replays, saw a million playbacks and heard the laughs all over again. And again, and again, and again. I had figured I would just suck it up for the last 30 minutes of the day when I felt someone come up behind me and whisper in my ear.  “Monty, it’s cool,” she said. “I thought it was actually pretty cute. But you know, that’s just my opinion.” It was like 10 seconds, but I stood there for another 2, 3 minutes trying to process everything. I was numb because after all the smooth stuff I was preparing to say, the world’s worst fumble was getting me the girl of my dreams.




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22 10 2009
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