The Benefits of the “Curve”

5 10 2009

Personal disclaimer – this post is probably the most ‘ego‘ driven post I’ve ever written, but it has to be said. It just does, sorry.

There’s a little something called the curve that I think every woman should experience at least once in her life. Who am I lying to? Actually, I think every woman should experience the curve at least once a week! LOL

So what is the curve and how can you become a part of the CLC, Curve Lovin’ Club? I am so so glad you asked! You see the curve is a caveat to the boomerangego.  Some of you may already know that egos come in different sizes and shapes – but when it comes with a curve, honey – there’s no limit to the amount of pleasure you can experience.

Don’t believe me? Ask one of your girls, that’s right – pick up the phone and ask her, “have you experienced the curve?” Chances are you’ll get one of two answers: a) what’s the curve or b) ooooooooooooh emmmmmmm geeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! (or some variation of the sort) I actually tried this experiment before and let me tell you, the women who had experienced it, elongated the conversation by at least another 10-15 minutes either flashing back to the time they had or bragging about how they have it now.

And yet, unfortunately, far too many women had the first response.  Errrrr??? How could something so great be such a secret??? Well – no more ladies. No more! I say, the next time you’re feeling a little friskay with a guy and you’re thinking of going there, do a little feel test before to find out if he qualifies. If he doesn’t, well – I was going to say cut your losses and move on to the next but we know I don’t believe that lol, but hey, at least be on the search for it.


My goal – by 2015, the Saints will be Super Bowl champions, I’ll be a New York Times best selling authoress at least twice and every woman in the world will be a part of the CLC. Do your part to make that happen – spread the word! Cuz maybe, just maybe, it’ll become a survivor of the fittest thing and all men will have to have it.

Ohhhhhh the possibilities!!! 😉




7 responses

5 10 2009

Ummmm you are so nasty, LMAO! I can’t stand you.

But, I will say that there is a very specific reason as to why I love certain someone’s big ego so much . . . .

I love his big ego, ha ha ha. Such a huge ego. I love his big ego . . .

5 10 2009

Me? Nasty??? Noooooo LMAO!

either way, CLC unite!!!! 😉

5 10 2009

OK – one other random thing . . . when the title of this post popped up in my RSS I thought you were talking about the phone, lol

6 10 2009
Boss Brown

Thank you for spreading the word to all the unfortunate sisters out there that have not experienced this wonderful workmanship of the one above. It’s about time someone got the word out!! lol!!

6 10 2009
Boss Brown

Oh – and I am a proud member of the CLC – and I will unite with you!!

6 10 2009

@ CCB – never ever would I be talking about the Blackberry curve on this here blog… although, randomly, I do indeed like my Blackberry Curve LOL

@ Boss Brown – ha aha ha… you know, someone has to begin the process of spreading the word to the world. If not me, then who? Who – I say?!?! LOL

and I am so glad to know that so many of my sisters are uniting in this club (I’ve heard from some ladies that didn’t write on the blog but wanted to let me know they were a part of the club as well)… It really makes me proud to say I am a woman *tear, tear* LMAO!

21 04 2010
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