Something in Between…

1 10 2009

What a girl wants; What a girl needs; Whatever makes me happy sets you free; And I’m thanking you for knowing exactly…” ~ Christina Aguilera

I seem to be having this very interesting knack in my dating life, of meeting men on two very different extremes of the dating spectrum. Either they seem to want to marry me after the first conversation or they can’t seem to make the oh so significant jump* from talking to me constantly to wanting to go on a date. It’s quite the conundrum, actually.

And I’m finding it more and more difficult to understand why I can’t find something in between. I mean, is it really that difficult? No, I don’t want to talk to you 20 times a day, but goodness, even Toni Braxton didn’t put up with seven whole days of not hearing from her dude. It’s okay, though – I have not given up, cuz I mean really, regardless of my temper tantrum the other day, there’s no way I’m going to stop giving my number out to cute guys with great smiles.

Just like Salt N Pepa, MEN are indeed my weakness… well, men and shoes… but you get my point.

But the problem is, how do I manage these extreme expectations, guys? Because they are killing me! – lol, okay, I’m being a little dramatical.** But you get what I’m saying, right? Is it so much to ask to get a little something in between – cuz that’s all this girl wants. As I told a guy the other day, I’m just not in a place where I want to marry someone or can see myself spending the rest of my life with someone right now. I’ve been there – done that, bought the t-shirt, got it ripped out of my hands at a concert, got it returned, tried to sew it back together, and finally said F-it and sold that blickey on eBay.

I’m just not there lol.

I’m also not in the cut buddy mood either these days. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having someone in your life to fulfill a special duty and all. But that’s not where I’m at either right now. I’m somewhere in between – wanting to chill and hang out and have fun and just go with the flow… but I keep finding people on those extremes.

So what does all this mean and why is it generating an entire post from me? I’m glad you asked – the point of this all, the entire thing, is that thsadlittlemermaide Little Mermaid is not happy. She, like Christina on Grey’s Anatomy, is not getting any lovin’ – because all these men are hittin’ her with these extremes. And where this is an unhappy mermaid, there is an unhappier D-Magic.

What’s a girl to do? Don’t tell me I have to marry someone to get it in again – I’ll never make it. I’ll die, I’ll just die!…………………………….Maybe I can get some help from the Juvie this weekend, what do you think CCB???? 🙂 That’s something this girl could see herself wanting LMAO! No? Yes? No? lol

* this jump is in fact not very significant at all – but the men on that side of the extreme seem to think so

** yes, I said dramatical – yes I know it’s incorrect, yes I’m going to keep using it – because well, I like to lol




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13 11 2009
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