Mood Music

2 09 2009

So for all those who don’t know – I’m a huge Trey Songz fan. Huge. Like, got the premium pre-order package for the Ready CD huge… yeah I said it.

But while I love a good Trey Songz song and I can appreciate a mood musac mix, I typically prefer not to have music on when I’m doing the do. Don’t get me wrong – I think it can be sexy as hell to listen to the mix leading up to the rss feed or the lovemaking (whatever your poison may be), but during the actual act – yeah, it just doesn’t do it for me. {And I’ve done it before with the music – for anyone who just thinks I’m making an arbitrary point – hypothetically speaking, or something like that lol} stereo

Which got me to thinking – what’s the actual purpose of a sex song or sex playlist? Is it like what I use it for – to set the mood in my mind [or simply for relaxing purposes sometimes] or have I been using my mix the wrong way all this time? Heck, in his recent interview with, Trey admits that he, himself has even had sex to some of his songs. As he put it – other people are, so why shouldn’t he?

Good point, Tremaine. So why am I not doing the same?

If you think about our conversations in life, we’ll reference songs as baby-making songs or say things like “a lot of babies are Lutha babies” or Teddy Pendergrass babies, and now some babies are Lil Jon and Ying Yang Twins babies – but that’s neither here nor there. The point is in our vernacular, we reference these songs as songs one should play while actually in the midst of the deed.

Electric_GuitarThere are some artists whose music was clearly done with this purpose – Prince, R Kelly, D’Angelo, Janet Jackson, just to name a few. I mean really, anyone whose song has a guitar solo pretty much wants that to be the time where you can really get it in… that would be any of those artists I just mentioned, which also now includes Trey, on Yo side of the bed (even though technically it’s not a sex song, but I have a feeling a lot of people are going to use it as such) and Neyo, and you cant forget Maxwell, of course.

So if I like the songs and I like the artists (I still have a special place in my heart for Imagine That by R Kelly even though I know he’s a chester – I’m sorry, it’s one of my guilty pleasures), then whats my issue, right?

Well, I’ll tell you – for me, I think it’s far sexier to have the sounds of me and the guy in the still of quietness punctuating the walls in moments of passion (that kinda sounded like a cheesy romance novel, right? lol – but I’m serious!) than to have Ciara singing about what she promises to someone – even if the beat is hot and makes you want to grind. And I guess that’s where I differ with the songs – they tend to make me want to dance (grind, whatever you wanna call it). So if my man and I are dancing or I’m dancing for him (hypothetic…… oh whatever lol), then those songs are great! They’re perfect actually… in fact, I could probably help some folks out with some songs if they’re trying to make a mix themselves… but when the dancing is over or the foreplay is done, that’s where I stop the music, turn off the computer, and let us make the music ourselves 🙂

Plus – doesn’t it seem a little corny to have music playing during the act? no? I just always think of the lame dude in the movie who claps once to turn off the lights and twice for the music to come on – am I the only one who gets the image? LOL

Anyway, going back to my original question – the purpose? Do you think the purpose is for the songs to be played during sex or is it like how I think, more of a mind fuck stimulant to get you where you need to be (even if some of you dont need much of a push in that direction lol)?


PS. Not that you asked, but anyone who does have a mix sooooooo needs to add Neighbors Know My Name and Jupitor Love from Ready to their mix. You’ll thank me later. 🙂 By the by, these two are NOT my favorite songs on the CD – I just know good mood music when I hear it. I think it’s from previously dating “BJ” lol.




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