Political Debate

29 08 2009

It’s been awhile since I did a political post on this blog – it was starting to become “Choices and Sole” with no voices, or “Voices and Sole” with no choices – however you choose to split it, something’s been missing.

But I have the perfect debate for you. No it’s not about Katrina. Although you know I could wax poetic about that for hours – but seeing as I get a bit too emotional about that, we’ll save that for another time – but if you weren’t aware, yes August 29th is Michael Jackson’s birthday, but it also marks 4 years since Katrina hit. {okay, I’m going to stop here, cuz I’ll start going and that’s not the point of this post, I promise…}


The point of this post is about Mr. Edward Kennedy. As I’m sure you know by now, he passed away at the age of 77 from brain cancer this week. And while it is extremely sad to see him go, I would like to pose a question for my readers: Which Kennedy brother would you say has left the biggest impact on America?

Now – I brought this up at work the other day and people said that it was difficult to compare the three since Ted lived far longer than the RFK and JFK. They also said that they each contributed in different ways – JFK = culturally; RFK = in the manner of civil rights; Teddy = legislatively.

But to me, thats the point… most people wouldn’t argue those statements. Heck, there are still Black people who have a picture of JFK in their living room right next to the MLK Jr picture, the Jesus picture, and now the Barack Obama picture. And truly, RFK was always the one aiming for civil rights awareness… not really JFK, until the year that he died actually. And of course Teddy has lived far longer and has been a Senator for the past 47 years, so legislatively, he probably would be the most influential.

I dont want separations though. I want someone to answer the general, CNN-style question… so go ahead good people – if you had to pick one, which Kennedy would you say has had the biggest impact on America, period.

Looking forward to your answers!




3 responses

30 08 2009
Country Club Barbie

I pick Jackie Kennedy. Is that an option? If so, I’ll wax poetic on why . . .

30 08 2009

It isn’t an option – but I’m sure you could wax poetic about why she should be.

1 09 2009

Well – the only reason I picked her is because if it weren’t for her I’m not sure people would remember Kennedy the way that they do, she certainly helped him internationally on a number of fronts, AND she helped Bobby politically – especially after JFK’s assassination. I won’t even talk about her influence over the American people culturally – I’ll save that for another day, lol.

So, since I can’t pick her – I’m not going to join the debate, LMAO. Sorry.

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