Sexy on a Hundred, Thousand, Trillion

19 08 2009

I know Kanye talks about swagger in his lyric – but today, I want to talk about sexy. oooooooh la la. I don’t know about you, but there aren’t many men I consider sexy. I may say he’s cute or he’s FOINE, or he’s attractive, or he could get it – but when I say someone is SEXY, ooooh boy!

Right – sexy. Let me get back on track here lol.

Recently, CCB did a ranting post about a guy who was grating her nerves, and in the post she briefly mentioned something that wasn’t sexy to her. Of course, this sparked a little diddy in her comments about what was sexy about a man – and what wasnt. Here’s what we came up with so far about what is sexy (we’ll leave the negative ones for another time):

– swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillionExperiment_in_chemistry

– chemistry

– ambition/drive/goals, etc… (I’m finding this sexier and sexier the older I get… whew!)


– sense of humor

– plays well with others (ie: gets along with my friends)

– broad shoulders (CCB’s personal fav)

– good with kids

Here are a few more I would like to add to the list.

getting me

– understanding the power of the forehead kiss and knowing not to abuse it

– the curve LMAO!

– enjoying watermelon… seriously. I’m dead ass on this one… LOL

I would also like to add my top 5 sexy THINGS a man can do without it being necessarily a sexual thing:

1. hug me from behind

2. play fight

whisper3. pick me up and place me on the counter – okay, I guess thats not as ambiguous, but it doesnt have to be sexual

4. whisper in my ear

5. kiss me on the forehead ( a combination of loving, sensuality, and sexual… bad triple advantage!)

Care to join in the fun? Let’s see how many different answers we can agree on. 🙂




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