Possessive Patty

12 08 2009

If you didn’t know before now, I’m a Taurus. And really, quite the epitomy of every stereotype I’ve ever read about Taureans. I can be extremely stubborn, I move slowly into situations (especially relationships), I am extremely passionate about the things and people I love, it takes a lot to make me mad – but once you have – watch out!, and I can have a slight tendency to be a little bit possessive.

Now, if you hadn’t read on Taureans, you probably wouldn’t know all those things about them, but if you know me… you know that every single taurus28detail fits me to a T. Probably why my first tattoo (of six) was the symbol of Taurus. (and before anyone hits me with anything paganism or something like that, I will just say this – you may not believe in astrology per se, but I don’t believe that anything God does is by accident, so it’s no accident that people born around the same time of the year tend to have like personality traits, that is all).

The thing is, out of all the personality traits that I exemplify of my complicated sign, the one I try my hardest not to let anyone see is the jealous, possessive aspect. But it’s definitely there – not in a ‘you should be afraid of me’ type way, but as CCB would tell you, there are definite times when I get the urge to piss on trees (read: mark my territory).  It typically comes out in a funny way to others and can be kind of cute for the guy (let’s hope lol), but it’s there, and I work hard to make sure no one is ever scared of it. And let me just take a side note to say that it doesn’t apply to just men in my life. It’s very real for my family and friends, in that if someone messes with them, I am not a happy camper at all… after all, you’re messing with MY loved ones here – see what I mean?

Anyway, recently CCB, myself, and LeeLee have had a few conversations about jealousy and the level to which it is endearing and when it turns to ‘ummmm somebody call the police on the fool, please.’ Actually, it came about because of two totally different circumstances, but both involved aspects of jealousy. The first one involved me getting a bit perturbed by some comments that were being left on a certain FWB/recent Object of Affection’s facebook picture (and no, we won’t get into how I’m definitely breaking the rules of the category post – I recognize this, trust me, sigh). You see, FWB/OA (we’ll call him Cosby Show from this point on), recently changed some things about himself physically, which is my nice way of saying that in a 3 month period, he went from being my cute FWB who’s smile I couldn’t resist, to this F.A.M. [swagger jacker #9] that all these girls were passing their panties to over the internet.

Seriously… the comments were beyond ridiculous yall. Just trust me on this. Now, I contended to CCB and LeeLee that while I may have been a little perturbed by the fact that women were now going after MY Cosby Show,  I was just as upset with the uncouth nature of it all… they didn’t buy one word of it though. In fact, CCB thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world. I’ll give you 3 seconds to determine whether I think it is adog marking territorys well. Here’s a hint – I don’t.  Either way, I think it brought to light to CCB and LeeLee how I can be a bit possessive sometimes – in essence, that whole situation opened up a side that I try desperately to keep within my own head.

Now, the other situation involves a friend of CCB’s who wants to be a bit more than friends with her. Well, hell… let’s just put it out there, he wants her to only date him. But in expressing this to her, he also made some very interesting possessive comments about what he would do if he found out she was dating someone else… some very, ummmm, Chris Brown type things. Now, when she first mentioned to me that she wasn’t sure about his jealous side, I instinctively slightly took up for the man – I mean, hello, I can understand that side. But since I’m HER friend, I asked questions instead of assuming. My question – is it jealous in a ‘awwww you’re jealous, thats cute’ type of way, or ‘uhhhh, someone make sure this man doesn’t wear Isotope gloves’ type of way. Clearly from my comments earlier in this paragraph, you know that it leaned to the latter…. clear red flag signs, right?

So the question for you my dear readers, is how do you know when jealousy stops being endearing and turns into scary? Is it a specific thing you look for is it one of those things (like bad weave) where you can’t say what it is, but you know it when you encounter it?




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12 08 2009

Couple things:

1. Cosby Show is BY FAR my favorite nickname! It even beats out Jake, which I still find funny. As Hell.

2. I still contend that the way you were pissing on trees was funny. As Hell.

3. I definitely have a bit of a tendency to get jealous (I think everyone does at a certain point) about my man. But, like you, I try not to let it get the best of me – and keep it on that cute/endearing level. I like to know that other girls find my guy cute/attractive. But, when they start stepping over the line, the claws can definitely come out. I think it’s probably like that for most people. Let’s be real – nobody wants to be with somebody that nobody else wants . . . superficial as it may be.

4. Now, for me, jealousy is one of those things that I just “know” when it’s bad. I like to know that my man is marking his territory. And (shhh don’t tell) have even been known to do some things just to test his possessiveness. Not anything cuh-razy. Butttttt, if I find out another guy has a crush on me, I’ll tell my man. It’s not going anywhere, it’s just to keep him on his toes. And usually his slightly jealous reaction is cute and sweet. But when it turns into you grabbing my arm (in theory, I’m not talking about anybody in particular, cough cough), pulling me towards you, putting a finger in my face and telling me that the only time you wouldn’t have a problem hitting a woman is if you caught her cheating . . . well, we’ve got an issue, honey! Telling me that you’d “eff me – and him – up” is not a way to win my heart. In fact, I’m such an ass it makes me want to test the waters to see how far you’d really go. Hell, I did go test the waters. Last week. With Mr. Sunday. I know, that’s probably crazy and dangerous. Call that my Aries tendency kicking in.

So, all that to say, I think there are probably signs, and when one hits you (figuratively, not literally) you’ll know it.

12 08 2009

Couple responses back to you:

1. I KNEW you would like it!!! LOL I told LeeLee what it was and why last night and she cracked up laughing and is now dragging out his name as well – hate both of you!

2. booooo hiss

3. ha aha ah you’re a mess!

4. Ummmm I refuse to comment on this “hypothetical” situation except to say that your Aries side is a dangerous mufucka LOL

12 08 2009

LOL . . . Imagine if I was a full-blown Aries instead of a Pisces with Aries tendencies . . .

12 08 2009

Right! LOL

12 02 2010
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2 07 2014
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