Adventures in Sexing

10 08 2009

Recently, I read an ‘article’ on Bossip that talked about some interesting places other than the bedroom where someone could share in a little rss feed [see #15 in swagger jackers] with their lover. Unfortunately, some of the places they mentioned were kind of, oh whats the word…… boring.

Well, maybe boring is too harsh a word… maybe I mean, predictable. Yes, predictable is much better. I think I just expected to see more kitchen counterthan “in the kitchen,” “in your car,” and “on the sofa.” Hell, if you have your own place, the kitchen and the sofa are the very first alternatives that come to mind when seeking to venture out of the bedroom. And really, isn’t the car a little high schoolish?

I was expecting flashier suggestions (read: something I haven’t already done). Hell, they could have said the balcony of your apartment and I would have been like, ‘welp, thats different!’ I probably still wouldn’t do it since the balconies in my complex are mere feet from each other, butttt at least it would have been something I couldn’t say I did in the first week of having my own apartment! (okay, before anyone gets on me, let me remind you that people say I’m like a guy – remember that? okay… now we can move on lol)

Anyway, my disappointment in the article kind of got me thinking a bit further from where the article went, which is how important is switching up your sex life or sex location in a long term relationship? Hell, I was upset at an article for boring me; I can only imagine if it were my man! But if excitement and adventures are important in making sure your sex life doesn’t become as monotonous and predictable as a Bill O’Reilly rant, doesn’t that ultimately put a lot of pressure on the two of you to keep coming up with ideas?

I mean, contrary to what the Kama Sutra says, there really are only 20-25 workable, ‘I don’t need to be a freaking gymnast to get in this position’ KamaSutraBookpositions for you and your mate to try. Seriously, have you ever tried some of those things? Maybe you’re more flexible than me – but I can say that one of them left me quite dizzy and never wanting to hear the word Kama Sutra again for awhile (read: at least a day lol). By the way, no I will not say which one it was – partly because I blocked the name out of my head and partly because that’s just too much damn information! LOL

Also, as the article proved – at some point, even the stuff that may seem riskay in the beginning will eventually become common nature. Maybe sex on your counter seemed riskay at first, but after doing it 20 times, you’ll probably want to try something else, no? And then, where does that leave you? Once you leave your apartment, the chances of you getting arrested for the act increase exponentially – unless you’re visiting Hedonism in Jamaica.

Maybe that’s why Ossie and Ruby Dee did the swanging thing, but here’s the problem – I’m way too possessive of a lover to want to share my hunny with some hussy. (side note: look out for the next post on jealousy…. ooooooh tease! lol)

So if you’re like me… what do you do? Seriously, guys/girls… what do you do?

Do you keep upping the ante on the sexual adventures and find yourself in some crazy version of this scene in Pandora’s Box? (start at the 2:45 mark, but please be warned, it’s definitely NSFW)

Or do you hope that maybe after upping the ante so much, the counter and sofa seem riskay again – kind of like a 360 circle type thing.

What do you all think?




One response

29 04 2010
Ben Brown

Hi, I got the kitchen countertop image from google images and was wonder if it is copywright or can anybody use it. I was thinking of using it for an advert in a local newspaper. Can you reply to me if it is possible to use this image?

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