He’s a Juvie!!!

30 07 2009

Girls, never trust a man named “Jake“. {Disclaimer – Jake isnt really the name, but you’ll get it soon enough}

Chances are he’s either a Ken-like butthead, a flake, a texting moron, a sexual deviant (I’m looking at you J Timberlake – still haven’t forgotten about that incident w Janet), or as I found out this week – a juvie.

What’s a juvie, you say?

No problem – come with me as a take you on a journey to New Orleans.

Im In Love With A Juvie 2 – Josephine Johnny

As you can hear in the link above, a juvie is explained as a young person that you are dating. You might say, a person of significant age difference for you.


Offender – Demi Moore
Juvie – Ashton Kutcher

Offender – Hugh Hephner
Juvie – any of his playmates

Offender – D Magic????
Juvie – Jake

That damn name… Always trying to get a sister caught up!

Okay, let me bring it back for a second… The other day, I met this cute guy… SkinTy, sure… But cute. We exchanged numbers in a cute, but slightly high school way, talked on the phone for a bit – we were keekeeing it up 🙂 – when he DROPPED THE BOMB ON ME, baby!

Juvie: So how old are you?
D: 26
Juvie: Really? When I met you, I thought you were like 22 or 23.
D: oh. Thanks for shooting me down real quick… Here, I thought I was looking quite grown that day.
Juvie: Nah, its not like that… That’s just the age I thought you were.
D: Nope…. (Hesitatingly) Why, how old are you?
Juvie: 22
D: ohhhh, you’re just a baby!juvie
Juvie: How did I know you were going to say that?
D: Because you are!

And honestly, the conversation kind of stalled from there, which is sad, because it was great for that first hour prior to the age revelation…

As soon as I got off the phone, I called CCB and we made jokes about him not having gone through puberty yet and how there’s still some clubs he can’t get into (23 and over clubs, anyone?). It was wrong, but whatever… I had to laugh about the situation.

And then I went to work and got a completely different perspective from Mandy Pants (my co-worker). Her take on it – ‘girl, he could be loads of fun! Just have fun with it and get your high school back on!’

Okay, so her last line was a dig, but I see what’s she saying. What do yall think? Would you date a juvie? Or is the idea of developmental differences too frightening? And is this God’s wonderful sense of humor about my back 2 school post – cuz if so, it’s not funny!




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